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    Behe's argument in Darwin Devolved

    Such a smart discussion of evolution! Makes me think I can ask you-all your opinion of this idea I've been having about "junk" DNA. Do you suppose we can think of "junk" DNA as a history of prior DNA coding that is no longer used by the organism? If this were so, would not the huge portion of...
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    Mark Vernon, Christianity and the Evolution of Consciousness |415|

    For me, "enlightened" refers to personal realizations of pre-existent knowledge. "Anamnesis"-- not forgetting but remembering; not learning but remembering. In the Gnostic Gospel, those who are "enlightened" are called "Those of the Remembrance." They are remembering how things really are in the...
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    Mark Vernon, Christianity and the Evolution of Consciousness |415|

    My Simple Explanation cosmology suggests that consciousness is unlimited/illimitable and outside of our 3-D universe, (God the Father, Sat, Parambrama), as you say. Whereas the units of consciousness that are part of us and our universe are fractal replications (as above so below) applicable to...
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    Mark Vernon, Christianity and the Evolution of Consciousness |415|

    Bless your heart. That is the nicest reply. Thank you.
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    Mark Vernon, Christianity and the Evolution of Consciousness |415|

    I've listened to half of the interview by now on video. Interesting discussion between the two of you. Here are my reactions thus far-- Psychotherapy is definitely NOT scientific. I have a BS in Psych and an MA in Counseling, and no one ever accused us therapists of being scientists. Scientists...
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    Mark Vernon, Christianity and the Evolution of Consciousness |415|

    On my computer, it looks as though the file is 00.00 seconds long.
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    Just a thought.

    It seems to me that a good reason for limiting the absolute authority of mortal rulers is the fallen nature of humankind. The ruler is a fallen mortal with a strong, selfish ego. The ruler's job title is a different thing with an agenda of its own. At least with what we call a representative...
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    Robert Schwartz, Are Past Life Regressions Scientific? |400|

    My brother, Dr. Bill Puett, is a past-life therapy hypnotist in San Diego. Years ago, I didn't quite believe the veracity of the hypnotic experiences Bill's clients were reporting, because I wasn't too keen on reincarnation. I would say to him that his clients were not "actually" regressing to a...
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    Just a thought.

    I'm not prejudiced against any position in the hierarchy. The foot is as important as the head, as anyone with foot pain will tell you. Every position in the hierarchy is crucial and indispensable. Imagine your body as comprised of countless billions of units of consciousness occupying all of...
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    Just a thought.

    Thank you for engaging. When I agreed, I was thinking about it this way: consciousness is hierarchical in nature and is both immanent/inherent/primordial in that sense, and fundamental in the sense of the transcendent/underlying/overall metaversal matrix of consciousness. ThetaK may have been...
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    US Suicide Rate is Highest in Decades: Is Social Media to Blame?

    Another pernicious aspect of social media is the self-reflexive sorting it does on "our" behalf in order to target users with information, news, and advertisements that only reinforce what they already believe. The echo chamber effect. Or, how to make dummies dumber. It's horrible, and I have...
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    Just a thought.

    Hi, ThetaK. I'm new here to Skeptiko, too. I whole-heartedly agree with what you have written here. In fact, I wrote a book on that very idea, called "A Simple Explanation of Absolutely Everything." I think you will like it a lot and be one of the few who get it. Hierarchical units of...
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    Experiences with the “11:11 phenomena.”

    When I'm actively in the zone and writing, I experience 11:11 consistently. Not just 11:11. Seems like almost every time I look at the clock, it is 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55. I use those opportunities to cross myself as a kind of ritualistic acknowledgment of the aeons and the One above. When...
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    Alex Tsakiris, Four Questions About the Future of Skeptiko |414|

    Pretty well agree with points 1,2, and 3. However, I'm a bit less apt to blame the One or the ALL for our deception. The Tree of Life could be sitting in the middle Times Square, and if it meant trading the world to eat of it, hardly anyone would. I don't think truth is being kept from us with a...