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    Can we believe eyewitnesses… did this 17th century monk levitate? |312|

    It would seem to me that the growth and death cycle is part of how this universe operates. Absolutely nothing is stagnant. Everything is in a constant state of growth, with a short plateau period before it starts to decay and die. If humans were to operate by different laws they would not be...
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    Fort McMurray Or... What Happens when you deny Climate Science

    Do you really think this is a situation appropriate response, Michael? Can you not feel at least a bit of empathy for the over 100,000 people who just lost their homes?
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    Can we believe eyewitnesses… did this 17th century monk levitate? |312|

    Okay, let’s think a bit deeper. I see humans as fundamentally good people, which comes to light every time a community rallies around a disaster and helps out the affected; anywhere down the scale to holding a door open for the person entering behind or making another person’s day through a...
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    Can we believe eyewitnesses… did this 17th century monk levitate? |312|

    I agree with Psiclops, psi works both ways, for good and evil if you want to use those terms. I have seen it misused plenty of times and I believe that's the basis for the terms white and black magic. As for why is the effect so weak? My take is that most humans are utterly fragmented and...
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    Science and philosophy gave him something he never thought he’d find… respect for religion |312|

    Thank you for speaking up on this. I could not agree with you more.
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    Science and philosophy gave him something he never thought he’d find… respect for religion |312|

    I agreed with much in the interview in principle, especially Bernardo’s take on NDE and his opinion that much of it might be an ego survival impulse; however, I struggled with the reference to an ‘authentic’ religious myth. What makes a religious myth authentic and who makes that determination...
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    Psi and Geography, Astronomy, other External Factors?

    I have wondered about this before, but have noticed an absence of this discussion other than the recommendation of using certain times of sidereal time for remote viewing and not using others. The HeartMath Institute and Global Coherence Initiative are using sensors around the globe to...
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    "The Download"

    I am not sure whether this is adding to the topic or just confusing it, but one of the channeled sources I have listened to, a collective consciousness from the Pleiades, claims that the sun is downloading information to humanity on a regular basis in the form of solar flares. We understand...
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    "The Download"

    In 2005, when I met a young guy who claimed to have been in a severe car crash with his brother, leaving them with physical disabilities and brain damage and unable to work. I am fuzzy on the details now, but at some point Cory started to receive downloads that gave him a different understanding...
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    "The Download"

    I come across the term ‘downloads’ frequently in new age circles and maybe on a smaller scale, I am experiencing them when I need an answer to a question. My take on a download is that it is a form of claircognizant channeling. I have never heard anybody specifically explain the form in which...
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    Debate on British morning TV between Psychic and Magician

    Well, I guess I was introduced to Satsangs through my local new age bookstore. The owner introduced me to the first gathering, which I believe was Pamela Wilson, later people were Nirmala and Karl Renz etc. The person I sat with during this particular experience was the local organizer, not a...
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    Mod+ Members Discuss Their Personal Paranormal Experiences

    Thanks for the videos, manijt. No, I have no experience using drugs, but find it fascinating to listen to people who had spiritual openings using them. It seems then that the ‘black hole’ experience is not just a by-product of watching too many documentaries about the universe on my part, but...
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    Songs that you feel are "spiritual"

    I just discovered this band and had a hard time choosing just one song:
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    He thought his beliefs about global warming were based on science. Science proved him wrong |310|

    Some very good points have been raised here, but as the topic of this interview indicated, data and logic are not enough to change another person’s belief. What I heard from Rick is that some of his more fundamental needs – according to Maslow's hierarchy of needs – are being threatened by...
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    Dating and Beliefs

    I think this is an opportunity for building relationship skills and learning how to navigate a contentious issue first and about opposing beliefs second. If you guys can deal with this subject in a constructive and respectful manner, meaning the relationship has room to accommodate both beliefs...