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    Debra Diamond Brings Wall Street Smarts to NDEs, and Mediumship |424|

    I felt Alex's frustration when in answer to the reincarnation question Debra said it was 'religion' and she 'doesn't go there' Yes reincarnation is a belief is some religions but there again so is life after death but she does 'go there' I am impressed by the posts above suggesting why or why...
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    Interesting Study on Dreams of Hospice Patients Approaching Death

    Fascinating study involving large numbers. Thanks for posting - am sharing around.
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    Philosophical Questions About NDEs and the Concept of Life After Death in General

    To be perfectly honest the whole system claimed has always puzzled me. I have this image of a God or some super intelligent energy system as an eccentric scientist experimenting on animals - us in particular. We're like little creatures he arranged to be put on increasingly hot plates which...
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    Mod+ Remote Viewing resource thread

    Personally I'd never heard of this helmet and 'transmission' dish before - I had always assumed, and I think it has been proved with Faraday cages, that psychic ability doesn't work electromagnetically (if this is what is being claimed). What I find scary is that a huge number of people can...
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    Mod+ Remote Viewing resource thread

    Excellent validation here by one of the world's top statisticians.
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    Amazing How Scepticism is Sounding Like Mysticism! Frank Wilczek & Lawrence Krauss : Materiality of a Vacuum (OFFICIAL) - (Part 1) This link works elsewhere - why not here?
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    Towards a Post Physicalist Science

    sorry try this one
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    Towards a Post Physicalist Science

    There's little doubt in my mind that we're living through the dying remnants of physicalist or materialist science. For those of you who want a taster of some new physics which accommodates all the anomalies that current mainstream science can't explain, I suggest settling down with John Cleese...
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    George Hanson "trickster and the paranormal" : A breakthrough

    Here's something a little less serious than the nasty antics the trickster gets up to - maybe sometimes he likes to play games with us? I wrote this piece with photos for my Facebook page today. Here's the link and pix for those on FB...
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    Mod+ Guy Lyon Playfair (1935-2018)

    He was a giant in the parapsychology movement. Here's a link to that radio programme mentioned - limited time for listening..
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    Mod+ The Science of Parapsychology video thread [Resources]

    Thanks a lot Doug - some interesting reading here.
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    Mod+ The Science of Parapsychology video thread [Resources]

    Around the 40.21 mark the guy says something like "This was all written up in I think he says "Exceptional Experiences......" but I can't quite make it out. Does anybody else know of the book where this was all documented? Thanks to all of you BTW for this exceptional and valuable archive.
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    The Parasympathetic Nervous System And Spiritual Development

    Thank you Jim. Came at the right time....
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    Dr. Julie Beischel Clearing Up Myths About Mediums |371|

    I was interested in Julie's findings that a high proportion of mediums had been abused as children. Could we assume from this perhaps that mediumistic talent is a kind of disability? If there is purpose to life, maybe we are not meant to get feedback from the other side because we are here to...