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    Christian Mystic ....
    Amateur Poet ... Among other things...

    The Great Silence

    There is no void within the silence.
    Just a presence beyond comprehension
    But known just the same

    Oh You, who calls to me
    Without words or voice
    You, who precedes my every thought
    And calls me always higher

    The silence reigns
    If only I consent to It
    Then I experience It
    And live in It

    The silence reigns
    Even when I don't consent to It
    Then I experience It
    But rationalize It away

    When I say
    Be with me always
    It is not a request
    But an acknowledgement
    Of simple Truth
    That the silence reigns.

    Not just within me
    But within all of creation
    The silence reigns
    In the trees
    In the sky
    In color
    And in clearness

    The silence reigns
    Within every soul
    And every cell

    The silence pours out love
    Upon everything
    That ever existed
    And that ever will exist

    The silence
    Calls all of creation
    Into Itself

    And in the end
    The silence reigns
    Within all
    Through all
    And beyond all

    We can either acknowledge
    This eternal hush
    And dwell within It's love
    Or we can deny It's existence
    And dwell within the void of noise.


    I don't know - And you don't know
    But, Someday we'll all know