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    Dr. Michael Shermer on Near-Death Experience Science |379|

    Michael Newton was my first exposure to past life regression accounts and it impressed me deeply when I read it in high school. His whole structuring of the afterlife is too neat and tidy, with halls of learning, decontamination centers, council of elders and life review planning facilities...
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    My Review of "The Myth of an Afterlife"

    Have you heard of the Hindu/Buddhist concept of samskaras or vasanas? They roughly translate as psychic predispositions and are the main fuel of the reincarnation process. Unless you thouroughly destroy or sublimate these powerful innate tendencies of the mind, you will continue to be reborn in...
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    What happened to the missing forums?

    Why don't some of the more senior members of this forum have a serious discussion with Alex and try to form a resolution. Each forum division can be assigned to a member and he can, through Alex or by himself/herself if possible, arrange for interviews, meaning that skeptiko will have a host of...
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    On the origins of fiction - "Where do you get your ideas from?"

    I haven't found any reference to Tesla in Lovecraft's biography by Joshi although I imagine he was aware of his experiments. Most curious thing is that both shared many similar character and physical traits like being tall, slim and stork-like, ambivalent towards women with very little sexual...
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    What are you reading?

    A really good book by a prominent Zen teacher who studied under Phillip Kapleau, that examines the doctrine of reincarnation from both a scientific and Buddhist perspective. Most folks on this forum are probably aware of parapsychology research, the emergence of mechanistic scientism and the...
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    Something to make you feel this world is real or not real

    This thread is going cuckoo and a firm answer would be required. Tarantula, if you were in any way familiar with Buddhism which you so readily demonize without adequate investigation, specifically Chan Buddhism, you would recognize that all this claptrap about dark forces, unrequited love etc...
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    Spiritually Transformative Experiences: The End of Suffering(?)

    Also examples of humans that have claimed to experience and maintain ego death.
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    Spiritually Transformative Experiences: The End of Suffering(?)

    This is going to be a long one, but I will post it in full. Ego Death Ego death is a “complete loss of subjective self-identity.”[1] The term is being used in various intertwined contexts, with related meanings. In Jungian psychology the synonymous term psychic death is used, which...
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    What are you reading?

    Almost done with Swartz. The book has some pros and some good reviews on Amazon. but it failed to impress, mostly because the author is a tad bit too self-righteous. The presentation on the folly of desire and the inability to achieve happiness by pursuing the things of this world, even romantic...
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    Jay Dyer, What’s the Endgame for Atheists? |352|

    Christian religious zealots now and in the past always had a powerful missionary zeal and tended to demonize and destroy anything that contradicts their cherished narrow dogma. A funny example of this(and there are thousands) was when Catholic missionaries first arrived on the Japanese Islands...
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    Mod+ Alaya-Vijnana as a possible mechanism of karma.

    Yogacara or Consciousness-Only Buddhism, which holds that the world is a projection of ones own mind(possibly implying ontological idealism, although Western interpreters disagree), has an important concept called the Alaya-vijnana. It is sometimes named Storehouse consciousness and contains all...
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    why doesnt the being of light ever communicate to us personally?

    There are no quick fixes in regards to spiritual experiences. A disciplined and dedicated spiritual practice will possibly provide some answers, but only after some years. Of course, there are psychedelics, like LSD, psylocibin and DMT, to name the major ones, who can help with that. My...
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    Mod+ Spiritual Exercises and Techniques.

    Pranayama/Beathing Techniques: The ones I use are relatively simple since I am merely a novice. Benefits are quite immediate, including relaxation and a calm mind, quite helpful if you are prone to insomnia. You can also experience a mild high after an intense workout. Some have speculated this...
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    Mod+ Spiritual Exercises and Techniques.

    Qi Gong: There are many variations of Qi Gong techniques so I'll start with the most basic. The exercises involve maintaining a specific standing position for 10 to twenty minutes, preferably focusing on your breath and eventual energy sensations that may come up(in my case they appeared in a...