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    Marisa Ryan, Certified Psychic Medium Tackles Big Picture Questions |398|

    I can accept this analogy, as well as David's idea of the different areas of earth as they would appear to a visitor. The difference to me is that in these analogies the truth is not necessarily deliberately hidden or obscured, nor is there deception involved. It may be uncertain at first, but...
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    Marisa Ryan, Certified Psychic Medium Tackles Big Picture Questions |398|

    First of all, thanks to Alex for the recent direction of the show, its the reason Skeptiko became my original "go to". Huge thanks also to Marisa for coming on the forum. I've never interacted with a medium before in any venue. Marisa, I'm also interested in your answers to David's questions, I...
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    Is Westworld our world?

    Fascinating thread......haven't read on here just a lot lately, but this is the good stuff. I haven't got to the end yet, but just had to comment on this point. I remember listening to a podcast interview (Skeptiko?) with a woman who had studied older NDEs in various cultures. One account she...
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    My theory of UFOs (honest opinions/rebuttals wanted)

    Well, its not my theory as I don't have one. My point is only that this doesn't really fit into any box we have constructed yet, and cases could be made for many theories if you want to make them and are willing to overlook conflicting evidence to do so. I wouldn't be too certain as to the...
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    My theory of UFOs (honest opinions/rebuttals wanted)

    I dunno. For my money, an equally convincing case could be made that they are some kind of tulpa generated by the collective human consciousness. The reason they are fascinated by human genitalia and anuses is because we are. The reason they don't want us to blow ourselves up is because they'd...
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    Dr. Henry Bauer, Why We Shouldn’t Trust Science |362|

    "they don’t seem to be able or willing to sort through the scientific data, like we just said, like with global warming, it’s really not that hard. The best measure we have of temperature is these satellites and that’s what everyone relied on, including Al Gore, who stood there in front of us...
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    Dr. Jacques Vallée’s Diaries Reveal What Most Scientists Still Deny |359|

    As of yet, neither the consciousness angle nor the ETH can by itself explain what is happening. Couldn't find it now, but I saw a interesting video recently by Neil DeGrasse Tyson in which he posits that a sufficiently advanced civilization would be capable of completely enslaving us without our...
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    Robbie Graham Busts the UFO Paradigm |358|

    I think your percentages are a bit off, but I'll go with it. ;)
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    Robbie Graham Busts the UFO Paradigm |358|

    This is the big one for me right now. This seems to go all across the spectrum of the paramormal, not just UFOs. It appears to me that something wants us to lay aside critical thinking and buy into a mythos. Take reincarnation for instance. It comes through in a number of the major religions as...
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    missing forums...

    If anybody's been following Jeff Ritzmann's blog Numinous Den, this is textbook. Amazing.
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    missing forums...

    Haven't read all the comments so maybe this has been resolved, but I am very disappointed in this decision. I just joined last year and have been working my way through the different forums as I've had time and where interest and links have led. I've made mental notes of stuff I wanted to read...
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    Conspiracy Theories

    A question that intrigues me: does an interest in paranormal phenomena tend to accompany or foster a conspiratorial worldview? If so, Is it possible to get outside of that box and ask ourselves why? Great blog here that nibbles at the edges of these questions.
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    This fits pretty good with the Lyn Buchanan interview posted earlier.
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    Tim Freke on the Science of Evolving Souls |355|

    Thanks for the interview. Kind of hit my sweet spot as these concepts have been rolling around in my mind for a while. Wish Alex would have pushed him a bit on this point though: "So, then what I’m suggesting is that with the arising of soul, with that other dimension, the dimension of images...
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    Joe Atwill Takes on Covert Culture Shapers |354|

    Meh. Something that bothers me is that it seems statements are thrown out and you are expected to swallow them whole. Those statements are then built on to reinforce a point. Atwill asserts in this interview that when Jesus spoke about the "Son of Man" he was speaking of Tiberius. The Christian...
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    "Degrading Love" by TheraminTrees [VIDEO]

    I second this. I'm also curious how the overwhelming NDE reports of unconditional love and that our existence is "all about love" strike you. From some of your previous posts, that doesn't seem to fit into your worldview.
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    Why I now pray

    Very interesting post. I've been meditating for about a year and a half. Occasionally I get something semi-vivid, but mostly its just meaningless hypnagogic imagery. Several months ago, though, I did experience something that has stuck with me. The scene came through as a warm, bordering on...
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    Asking a Ouija Board about Jesus

    It is at the same time a profound answer and yet no answer at all. Which, I guess, is not surprising.
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    The Dead Space Dream

    Maybe so, but I'd like to be more optimistic. Infinity is interesting. You can have an infinite set of odd or even numbers, or both. Its far more preferable to me to have an infinite set of pleasant experiences (not necessarily unchallenging but definitely nonviolent) than an infinite set of...
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    The Dead Space Dream

    Another question I'd have is this: You say these experiences are valuable because of learning/training. In what context? Training/learning for what exactly? Is the "nightmarish kill-or-be-killed" scenario something we all have to face at some point and you're just getting a head start?