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  1. beyondmortality

    What the hell is wrong with David

    I sent David a private message asking him very kindly and discretely to remove all my posts and to delete my account. I explained my wish to do this discreetly. I did not want to engage in a public conversation on the matter. He refused. He asked why and whether it had to do with Alex's last...
  2. beyondmortality

    For those who believe in spirits

    For those who believe in spirits I'd appreciate any advice on how to manage this. I moved into my current home two years ago. I begin to experience unexplainable activity the first night I spent alone in this house. Footsteps, knocking, screen door slamming, shower turning on and off. The...
  3. beyondmortality

    Why I now pray

    I know this is a very long post. But I'm processing. I'm scared. I don't fully understand all these experiences...thanks for understanding. I wrote this in response to the discussion thread from the interview with Joy Lin. In the discussion thread, the issue of measurable energy frequency was...