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  1. Steve

    Vaccination Questions.

    I have been following Del Bigtree and reading about this topic for some time now. I think there are big problems ahead (as well as behind) for the industry. Imo they have been covering up some issues which will eventually bite them on the arse. I am very aware of how Science is seen by many as a...
  2. Steve

    People are Strange.

    My book about my flying career has now been out for twenty months or so, to largely really positive reviews. But I am struggling with the fact that a few people that I know really well, still haven't read it. One of them was a pilot with me for part of the journey, and I would have thought he'd...
  3. Steve

    Everything Doesn't Happen for a Reason

    This appeared on Facebook and it got me thinking. What are your thoughts?
  4. Steve

    Worthy conceptions of God

    I didn't want to start another thread about God's intent because I have stated my own ideas umpteen times elsewhere on the forum Sci. But I sense a sort of contempt in your post which is quite unusual for you, and I feel rather sad too. Can a human actually feel sad for and try to defend God? Or...
  5. Steve

    Intelligence. Please discuss.

    I was thinking about the various forms of intelligence and how very few of them are valued in our culture. Seems to me that getting a First in Physics from Oxford or Yale is first prize. All others can suck the hind tit! Please discuss.
  6. Steve

    The Prophet interpretation?

    How would you interpret the line in bold? "On Religion Kahlil Gibran Have I spoken this day of aught else? Is not religion all deeds and all reflection, And that which is neither deed nor reflection, but a wonder and a surprise ever springing in the soul, even while the hands hew the stone...
  7. Steve

    Alex vs Michael Hughes.
  8. Steve


    Just thought this was a worthy video. I do like him despite being cynical about guru's.
  9. Steve

    Chaos Creators?

    On Monday, before the Manchester tragedy, I mentioned to a Facebook friend that it seemed to me that 'the bad guys always win', and suggested that this maybe supported the view that living on earth was 'designed' the way it is because things are meant to be challenging. The day of the tragedy...
  10. Steve

    BBC Second Sight Lady

    Materialist neuoroscientists must be having sleepless nights trying to explain this! :)
  11. Steve

    MBT Forum. Becoming love??? Haha

    I have been a fan of Tom Campbell MBT for some years now, but I am very disappointed by his forum, which I joined five or six years ago. The 'going ons' there are strange. I have rarely posted there for some years. The moderators are 'Ted' and 'Sainsbury' I think, there may be others. I have...
  12. Steve

    Rupert Spira + flowers.

    Does anybody here really 'get this'. Rupert says that happiness is what we're all seeking, and happiness is another word for God. It just doesn't do it for me really, but I don't want to dismiss it either. Something just doesn't feel right, always being video' d next to flowers. What's that...
  13. Steve

    Psychology. Trouble or Not?

    Doppelgänger said: (go to post) Well, not knowing your daughter or what she plans to study, I can't really give advice. After getting my degree, I wished I had gone into social work instead. In the US an MSW (masters in social work) can do therapy but they are more practical in their advice...
  14. Steve

    NDE help required?

    I'm looking for help finding certain nde experiences. Can anyone point me to an nde report/video where the experiencer is 'forced' back to earth, I don't mean forced aggressively, but rather persuaded somehow such that the person knows that coming back is the 'right thing to do'. This may be by...
  15. Steve

    N Korea and Western Citizens?

    I was discussing things with a friend of mine last night on Facebook. Our posts are copied here: Me: Maybe some of them (N Korean citizens)are frightened, but many of them appear to me so brainwashed that they are effectively have an attitude like Jihad. I wouldn't be too worried about...
  16. Steve

    Memory breakthrough?
  17. Steve

    DrAmish Patel: The World is a Simulation and I have the Proof

    Apparently this is a April Fools spoof video. Ironically I think it just might be quite accurate imo.
  18. Steve

    End of Days. Almost here?

    I was wondering if any doom mongers among you share the view of my Bible spitting friend that the 'end of times' as predicted in the good book is all but upon us?
  19. Steve

    Seth Query

    I'm currently reading Seth speaks and listening to it on YouTube. Seth has just made the statement that 'no atom currently in your body was there 10 years ago'. As this was written in the early 70s, was this fact about the human body known at that time? That bits of us are continuously dying...
  20. Steve

    Dogs sniffing cancer.

    Very interesting article on the BBCs Victoria Live this morning. Dogs that can help detecting sugar levels in people and cancer in people by their amazing sense of smell. Everybody that appears on the programme that has seen the effect these dogs can have is very positive. With some...