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  1. Kai

    Why............would we do that??

    Okay, so there are some really good minds here, and I want to throw something into a sandbox, with a few rules if I may. As you know, I have a tendency to get upset about the often absurd, seemingly cruel and indifferent, or outright suffersome nature in life. But I get tired of my own thoughts...
  2. Kai

    Another NDE trackdown request (for the sleuths of you)

    So in this one, which I remember dimly, but not any of the names etc, I am pretty sure that someone's car or truck was in an accident but was mysteriously "turned" 180 degrees so that when they came to it was sitting in an impossible position among trees, or something like this, which it...
  3. Kai

    Puzzling NDE questions

    There have always been some things that have given me great difficulty from the statements made in NDEs.Setting aside the question of experimental or parapsychology-style evidence for NDEs themselves, what I am talking about is some of the recurring philosophy internal to NDEs themselves. 1)...
  4. Kai

    NDE and the race problem: a retrospective, and some new thoughts

    Although I count myself more sympathetic to NDEs today than I was, say, a year ago, I must admit that this issue still troubles me quite a lot. It’s some years since I noticed it now, and introduced the idea on forums of the day. The first problem I encountered was getting people to see that...
  5. Kai

    OOBEs, The Paranormal, and how both sides misunderstand the "proof" problem

    It seems an unsatisfactory and frankly, kind of arrogant, intolerant and inhuman response to people’s innocent experiences of the paranormal, down through the decades, and the centuries, to claim that they must all somehow be “confused” or “epileptic” or “fantasy prone” or (insert whatever you...
  6. Kai

    Fields, Probability Swarms, and Gravity

    Another way to think of a body is as a kind of “field” of influence, though ultimately I think that “fields” like “matter” are part of the same misunderstanding. They are like the “body” and “spirit” split of a wrong world view. To say that the body, or more accurately the fact-experience of a...
  7. Kai

    Building a viable (21st C) theory of OOBEs.

    I am not an “all my eggs in one basket” type of person, so it is a bit embarrassing to be leaning for the moment somewhat heavily on one case I have been discussing in a recent thread (the Jeff S) case. While I will continue to have these thoughts whether or not the Jeff S case existed, I do...
  8. Kai

    Jeffrey_s NDE: challenges a monocorporeal world An "out of body experience" doesn't wash as an explanation for this. Of all NDEs, this is one that really does make me think that the hypothesis I am floating in the "Berenstain Bears" thread may actually be so.
  9. Kai

    Does anyone remember this particular NDE?

    Hey guys. Those of you who are awfully familiar with the NDERF NDEs may know this one. I was trying to track down again a particular NDE I'm sure I read there, but now can't remember the name, and the circs only in basic terms. The basis was *something like* this. A motorcycle accident (I...
  10. Kai

    Berenstein Bears / Berenstain Bears

    Here's an interesting thing. Apparently a large number of people who read these popular childrens books remember them as the BerenSTEIN bears, spelled like that, and only recently discovered, when it was brought to their attention, that all copies, including their own, actually read BerenSTAIN...
  11. Kai

    The Seth Material

    Has anyone here read this stuff? And if so, what did you think about it? This question doesn't have an agenda. I've been reading it recently and somewhat struggling with it. Not so much in terms of "intellectual content" (though it's by no means "straightforward" there either)...more in terms...
  12. Kai

    "Angels' Advocate": Day 4

    I thought I would take a break from my usual carping about the lack of formal evidence (which is true, nonetheless) to explore a little “thought of the moment” each day (or as time permits) for a couple of weeks that pushes beyond the obsession with evidence somewhat and explores possibility. I...
  13. Kai

    tem gwef tem gwef dr rr rr

    Here is an extraordinary (and frightening) account of self-experimentation into the consciousness of the death of the self that some members here might find interesting:
  14. Kai

    Out of the Dark

    We all emerge from a darkness before life, without memory, without self. Which one among us can name that place that we come from? It seems very likely that this same condition is that which will pertain when death claims us. But what is that mysterious dark? Perhaps a realm of pure potential...
  15. Kai

    Breaking the "Literal Reality" addiction.

    This is a split off from another thread, where this concept was introduced, but which was probably a distraction or offshoot within the context of that thread. The idea that the world is “literally real” is part of our psychological inheritance. Most of us, whether we are aware of it or not...
  16. Kai

    Are there any paranormal phenomena AT ALL??

    Seriously folks, the flame I keep burning for these things has burned lower and lower over recent years. It's probably now at real risk of guttering out to a skinny column of smoke. There is not a single phenomenon of "paranormal" or "psychic" or "occult" or "religious" attribute which is...
  17. Kai

    Is a Skeptic-Friendly Afterlife Possible?

    This probably doesn't have the meaning that the title might suggest. I don't mean that there is some force in the universe that is hostile to skeptics. I mean, whether there is any version of continuity of consciousness that skeptics would feel comfortable in pondering. I do not self-identify...
  18. Kai

    The difficulty with a consciousness essentialism

    I've been thinking a lot lately about the nature of consciousness and the problem with the idea that consciousness can be considered a "thing in itself" after the fashion of the air and the ocean. So this form of essentialism would argue that consciousness does not need to be conscious of...
  19. Kai

    NDES and OBES: dreams are the key

    We cannot hope to understand NDEs or OBEs until we have understood correctly the more familiar elephant in the lounge of consciousness, which is nocturnal dreams. Unfortunately, dreams are not so easily understood. Occult explanations of them are hopelessly far fetched, while mechanistic...