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  1. Haruhi

    Psi and hierarchical complexity of reality

    In my opinion psi is in an field with so many variables that we can not wait univocal and entirely reproducible results. It is the hierarchical complexity of reality: from the physical and chemical field, the biological field through to the psychological field where parapsychology is, there is a...
  2. Haruhi

    MIT and Harvard create new, lightsaber-like state of matter: Photonic molecules
  3. Haruhi

    Out-of-body research at the ASPR,d.d24
  4. Haruhi

    Eileen Garrett and the aura
  5. Haruhi

    The investigation of an afterlife and the concept of person

    I have seen the criticism that any finding of the investigation of the afterlife (investigation of apparitions, mediumship, etc.) is subjective and incapable of providing an objective demonstration, and therefore suspicious. However, this criticism is not convincing as follows. Researchers on...
  6. Haruhi

    A review of Is There an Afterlife?

    I have found this brief article and we could discuss: True, but there is reasonable evidence to conclude that there is an afterlife. There good reasons to discard psi only bewteen living in some cases: there...
  7. Haruhi

    The Enigma of Survival

    The Enigma of Survival by Hornett Hart (selected chapters only): Now we can discuss.
  8. Haruhi

    Life After Death by James Hyslop
  9. Haruhi

    The Quantum Soul

    A proposal by Stuart Hameroff and Deepak Chopra to explain scientifically how an afterlife can occur: These ideas can relate to the idea that information is fundamental: if the information is fundamental and it does not require a...