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    Official science: the grand illusion - by Jon Rappaport Introduction: Since 1987, one of my goals as a reporter has been to educate the public about false science. Between then and now, I have found that, with remarkably few exceptions...
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    Young Infants Have Perceptual "Superpowers" Young babies get a bad rap. They’re helpless, fickle and noisy. And even though they allegedly sleep for 16 hours a day, those hours come in 20-minute increments. Yet hidden in the chaos of a young...
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    Europe Is Reaching for a Moon Base by the 2030s The ESA space exploration strategy and the ISECG Global Exploration Roadmap underline the strategic significance of the Moon in a global space exploration endeavour. The international vision for lunar exploration calls for a new era of coordinated...
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    Gravitation under human control? Produce and detect gravitational fields at will using magnetic fields, control them for studying them, work with them to produce new technologies -- it sounds daring, but Prof. André Füzfa of Namur University has proposed just that...
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    The Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Series thread

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    The Trial and the Testimony - a short story - Jon Rappaport The Trial and the Testimony— 2042AD On a spring morning in the year 2042, Citizen Smith Q Smith was brought into North America Regional Court 12, in New Baltimore. The room was empty, except for Smith, the...
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    Mod+ Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all.
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    Want Online Privacy? Here’s How (Hint: Don’t Google!) Is there anything you can still do on your computer without Facebook or Google or the NSA looking over your shoulder? Yes, indeed, contends Felicia King. Two things you need to know about Felicia King: Those IT...
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    Mod+ Star Wars, ancient Tibet, and Jedi training by Jon Rappoport Let’s start here: there are pre-conditions for the popularity of the Star Wars films. New previously unseen Space, huge amounts of it. Heroes in that space. The capacity to perform...
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    The Spam Chronicles

    No offense meant but this is the only forum I've used in the past five years that has such a proportionately large spam problem. I know that Alex has made great effort to squelch it but so far to no avail. I don't now the ins and outs of what has been done but it may or may not be significant...
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    This week in the United States:
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    Project Apollo Image Archive

    Over 14,000 images .
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    Did Dark Matter Kill the Dinosaurs? A Q&A with Physicist Lisa Randall - By Maria Temming When we read about celestial objects and events, it is sometimes difficult to relate what scientists say happens “out there” in space to life “down here”...
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    The Paris Attacks, MU Protests and the Propaganda Machine “After catastrophic events, the propaganda machines start rolling. Opportunities abound. The goal is: use the disaster to boost a current agenda, when there really is no connection at all. It’s called a...
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    "Awaiting moderation before being displayed publicly."

    What's that about? I haven't ever had a thread deleted so ???
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    Noetic Scientists speak about "the state of not knowing"

    Dr. Julia Mossbridge - Neuroscience Dr Menas Kafatos - Physics
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    "Wagging the moondoggie" Part 2

    That thread is too convoluted for me so I decide to take another approach. I'll start with three questions to those who you believe the Apollo landings were faked: 1 How did the government get literally thousands of people working on the program to either participate without knowing it was fake...
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    Official science: the grand illusion by Jon Rappoport November 2, 2015 “Government science exists because it is a fine weapon to use, in order to force an agenda of control over the population. We aren’t talking about knowledge...
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    Mod+ What Kastrup (and a few others) seem to miss

    "We live in culture dominated by two contrived metaphysical inferences: that the world exists outside consciousness and that particular arrangements of matter in that world somehow generate consciousness. This distorted view of reality feeds the delusory dreams of artificial consciousness so...
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    Boggling flu hoax: not for prime-time news There are many propaganda operations surrounding the flu. Here I just want to boil down a few boggling facts. Dr. Peter Doshi, writing in the online BMJ (British Medical Journal), reveals one...