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    Chimpamzee Funeral Rites.
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    New Book From Dennett...

    ... Reviewed here by Nagel:
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    The "We're All Doomed!" Thread. [Resources]
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    How did life get started? Pretty impressive essay from the BBC.
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    Free Speech

    I'm just listening to these 5 audio essays by Timothy Garton Ash. Some relevance to some of the stuff we talk about on here but just really interesting and thought provoking: His work has led him to formulate a manifesto for free speech...
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    Criminalizing Climate Change Denial
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    ... is Sciborg 2.0 even more prolific than the original? Does anyone keep up with all his posts? Could he possibly hold down a job? Is he a team of people or (my preference) a doctorate project to create an algorithm for a psi friendly philosophy bot?
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    They F*** You Up
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    On the Viability of Conspiratorial Beliefs

    A mathematical analysis approach to conspiracies:
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    How the light gets out

    Thanks to Psiclops for bringing this article to Skeptiko. I thought I'd bring it over to a more active area of the forum for discussion ;) If nothing else, it's an intersesting and entertaining read. I wonder if at...
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    Everyone can breathe easy...

    ... Just seen the new Star Wars movie. It's actually alright.
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    women are "never straight"
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    The most interesting star in our galaxy
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    Coding for Kids

    I frequently hear educators and business leaders encouraging kids to get into computer coding, yet schools (where I live) appear to be delivering very little content at all. I sense there is some expertise in this area on this forum, so I'm asking the question: How to we introduce kids to...
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    Flying Spaghetti Monster Caught On Camera
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    An Honest Liar

    Lying on the couch with a heavy cold came across the Randi doco on Netflix... It was (surprisingly) a very enjoyable movie, and does remarkably well on Rotten Tomatoes Anyone else seen it? I can't see too many people getting upset at his obvious targets (Geller & Popoff) and the film becomes...
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    God Don't Abandon Me

    Man saved by his tattoo?
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    How Babies Think

    This is a great article. As I've said before, I am convinced that we will get more clues on the nature of consciousness by studying the beginning of life than concentrating on the end of it.
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    Samuel Scheffler, Death And The Afterlife

    Heard this philosopher deliver a thought provoking radio lecture the other day. Here's a review of his new book: