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    Dr. Jacques Vallée’s Diaries Reveal What Most Scientists Still Deny |359|

    This show is apparently about a book. I may be distracted because I'm listening to the show right now, but I don't see the name of the book mentioned either on the website or here in the discussion. So, which book are we talking about?
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    Next time you're arguing against a skeptic, remember this is what your arguing against

    Man, it took me so long to figure this out, and how broad the application of this concept is. I used to be a prolific poster in my own field, until I realized that most people, even my closest friends with whom I usually agree, are only looking for data that confirms their own beliefs, no matter...
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    Tim Freke on the Science of Evolving Souls |355|

    A few minutes into the interview, I started feeling "this is something I don't believe", but determined to stick it out to the end. I am still having difficulty fitting it into my own world view, but I will continue to try it on as my own positions evolve. I sent a link to a friend I often...