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  1. Bertha Huse

    Scientists show future events decide what happens in the past

    So ... it would seem truth can be stranger than fiction. My Best, Bertha
  2. Bertha Huse

    Distinguished Scientists Gather To Emphasize: “Matter” Is NOT The Only Reality

    Distinguished Scientists Gather To Emphasize: “Matter” Is NOT The Only Reality My Best, Bertha
  3. Bertha Huse

    Funny Video asking a few "Spiritual Questions"

    After watching this video I was laughing so hard it hurt. Had tears. My Best, Bertha
  4. Bertha Huse

    The hard problem: Tom Stoppard on the limits of what science can explain

    Recent article... "When Tom Stoppard was writing The Hard Problem, his play about the conundrum of human consciousness, one of the scientists he consulted was American evolutionary biologist David Sloan Wilson. The play offers, among other things, a challenge to Wilson’s view that altruism, as...
  5. Bertha Huse

    Sheldrake/Shermer Debate: Comment

    A fascinating debate started this month between Sheldrake and Shermer, hosted by an organization called "The Best Schools" It's well worth following here: Besides the interesting ongoing discussion taking...
  6. Bertha Huse

    Phantasms of the Living: Chapter IV, General Criticism of the Evidence for Spontaneous Telepathy

    This thread will be dedicated to the discussion of Chapter IV, of Phantasms of the Living (Volume I) by Edmund Gurney, Frederic W.H. Myers and Frank Podmore. The idea of this thread is to have an informative (perhaps philosophical) and invective free discussion regarding the contents of Chapter...
  7. Bertha Huse

    Deconstructing Dawkins - Richard Dawkins and The Fallacies of Mechanistic Science

    An excellent article about Richard Dawkins' faith in materialism and mechanistic science by Steve Taylor. He really breaks down Dawkins' central beliefs and does a good job in demonstrating huge gaping holes: Here is the link...