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    Did science disprove Spiritual and supernatural?

    No science can't :D This morning I almost sock when i read about this. Sorry for the link to a post written in vietnamese, You can enable Google translate To translate the article into English I tried to discuss about this...
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    The Chinese Buddhist Billionaire Who Wants to Fix Your Brain

    I don't know if anyone has posted this yet.
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    The case of samsara where I live.

    there is a case. A 35-year-old driver died, many years later a 5-year-old boy showed signs of his driver's death, which was confirmed by his relatives. But the radio did a rather ridiculous rebuttal, the reporter took a math high school test for the baby, the baby could not and he concluded the...
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    The standard model is a tyrant An article that I find quite interesting.
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    Discuss the discontinuity of consciousness.

    I have no data here about these cases. Why do not we have experience with anesthetics, deep sleep or some non-nde when they die temporarily or when they are deficient in oxygen or epilepsy? Or about those who have no memory before birth. And this is often regarded as the argument against...
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    The way we see in obe

    This is an argument that I believe. But not sure. Because things like images when we look at the eyes do not imply that image means the same. The brain filtering information does not imply it produces experience. Physical processes are not experiences but consciousness when they are acquired...
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    The animals eat their children

    wonder if the animals even eat their own children. That would not happen in a person, except in some cases of unconscious mental illness.Not that I say animals is unconscious , it seems that the natural of unconscious is a conservation mechanism that guarantees the path of the development of...
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    An article, on the lack of understanding of Buddhism This is an old article, but quite annoying. The writer ignores the evidence of samsara and expresses a lack of understanding of consciousness
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    How consciousness goes into the body

    How? I have read many things about consciousness, spirituality, and many other things. I deny most of it, but there are still enough to confirm that consciousness and many spiritual phenomena exist. But when rearranged for a full picture of reality there are some thing is missing. If the...
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    Sean Carroll What's the matter with this guy?:eek:
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    This guy think he can explain the hard problem of consciousness by neron science

    Here the link His website › blog
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    These types of videos annoy me

    Is he brainwashing a child? :eek:
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    Physical arguments for the existence of ghosts?

    Hey folks I recently re-read the ghost denied article by cox, he used the LHC to deny the ghost. But the evidence of ghosts and afterlife still exists. Is there any physics that can support the existence of ghost O_o...
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    is there any physicist, neurologist, who support the existence of consciousness and afterlife?

    Hi Skeptiko I want to sum up some material for my article, but with my limited English and some cultural barriers I can not synthesize many materials, I hope you can help me. with some information. thank you
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    I need some help!

    Recently I was obsessed with death and loss, I really want to believe in afterlife but the evidence really does not satisfy me. I really need strong evidence to crush my fears. Thank! :(
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    Hawking Dead Today when I opened the computer, I found this news on bbc, I shocked to the point. I'm a fan of this guy, though I do not like his arguments about the afterlife and the brain. This make me feel sad.