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  1. SciFiFanatic101

    Mod+ Alaya-Vijnana as a possible mechanism of karma.

    Yogacara or Consciousness-Only Buddhism, which holds that the world is a projection of ones own mind(possibly implying ontological idealism, although Western interpreters disagree), has an important concept called the Alaya-vijnana. It is sometimes named Storehouse consciousness and contains all...
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    Mod+ Spiritual Exercises and Techniques.

    I tried to start a similar thread some months ago but was deleted for some reason. Anyone that wants to contribute is welcomed. Zazen/Vipassana/Samatha Meditation: Although there are slight variations, the core of the practice consists in sitting cross-legged on the floor or cushion(if...
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    Filter/Transmission Theory of Mind.

    The subject of this thread concerns the Filter Theory of Mind, the arguments for and against it and the metaphysical, philosophical and ethical implications that come with its possible widespread acceptance by society and science.
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    Reincarnation into the past.

    Until now I haven't read a single acount of a soul reincarnating into the past, as in dying and reincarnating 100 or 200 years before one's death. Since the spirit world, from what I understand, is in a higher dimension with access to all of Earth's timeline and other parallel versions of it, I...
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    Is there such a thing as soul death?

    In my reading of various spiritual material I came across a curious notion in Campbell's TOE trilogy of what can only be described as soul death. That is, once a soul personality maximizes its entropy through nefarious deeds like murder, rape and so on(think Gilles de Rais and John Wayne Gacy...
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    Show guests recommendations

    Transpersonal psychology is a field I've been interested in for a long time and I wonder if Alex would consider bringing some important figures from the field on the show. First names that come to mind are Stanislav Grof, a Czech psychiatrist who did groundbreaking work on LSD induced altered...
  7. SciFiFanatic101

    Vasubandhu - Buddhist Idealism

    After waching some interesting lectures on Eastern Philosophy I came across this Buddhist philospher Vasubandhu who formed the Yogacara or consciousness only school of Buddhism whose philosophy many academics liken to that of George Berkeley. What do you guys think? Is it close to Kastrup's own...
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    My first LSD experience!

    I was at a mountain ski resort in Romania with almost all of my medical school group colleagues, when fortune smiled upon me, granting me access to two blotters of 200 micrograms of LSD. I refused to take it then, since tripping alongside drunk medical students would have been quite awkward...
  9. SciFiFanatic101

    Inducing the Out of Body Experience: A Comprehensive Introduction

    Preliminary exercises: 1. Meditation-There are many books describing many approaches but here I will discuss a simple meditation practice.Sit down with your legs crossed on a soft cushion or zafu(kneeling position if you have a folding chair),close your eyes and concentrate on your...
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    What facts would disprove the afterlife hypothesis?

    Any successful scientific theory has two main strenghts among others:it makes predictions and can be falsified.We can subject the afterlife theory to the same standard.What facts can falsify it and what predictions does it make?This is more of a mental exercise since we don't know much about it...
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    Veridical perception in OBE's

    There has been some experimentation dedicated to the issue of veridical perception in the out of body literature,specifically in Monroe's Journeys when he correctly described a Van de Graff generator when visiting in the OBE state some friends of his,although he had problems when Charles Tart...
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    Acceptable scientific discussions.

    For the past 2 months or so I've been following with interest the skeptic\believer discussion and just now I came up with two terms that are relevant in this matter. Scientistically correct-a set of ideas/theories/hypotheses/discussions that are deemed acceptable discourse by the...