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    Mod+ Agency and Wilson's "The Robot"

    This thread is restricted to those who accept mind is not equal to brain. Let's begin with an excerpt from Gary Lachman's Beyond the Robot: The Life and Work of Colin Wilson: "In “Existential Psychology: A Novelist’s Approach,” Wilson wrote “When I learned to type, I had to do it painfully and...
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    Skeptiko Transcripts

    I miss the days when all of the interviews had full transcripts. Can the Skeptiko community find a way to fund, automate or volunteer the production of transcripts? If this idea does not resonate with you, please don't reply. thanks
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    The richest families in Florence in 1427 are still the richest families in Florence
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    Naturalism and Bell's Theorem

    Can anyone point me to a naturalist writer/philosopher who discusses implications of non-locality? I understand that Bell's theorem has been confirmed by experiment and so is part of the current realm of science knowledge.
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    Scientists debate a new way of understanding flora

    An interesting article about how some plant phenomena may be indicative of consciousness.
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    Mod+ Spoon bending

    In his book, “Travels”, Michael Crichton shares many interesting experiences. One is about his experience with spoon bending: I found this account interesting and wanted to try this myself. The Monroe Institute offers one...
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    Gene Expression Changes With Meditation
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    Inheritance of an acquired charateristic? tip of the hat to The Daily Grail.
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    Mod+ planning life events versus karma

    Would like to make this thread Mod+ for discussion by those who accept consciousness is not equal to brain. Some people express the position that major events in one's physical embodiment life are planned during pre-life and agreed to by the participant. I quote Robert Perry, but the point...
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    Tibetan Book of Dead & NDEs

    I found this article to be interesting.