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  1. I think Feser makes some good points about how scientism goes right past nihilism into utter incoherence.

    He goes through Rosenberg's Atheist Guide to Reality, but he also critiques an article Rosenberg wrote that I think it worth going through. It shows how Rosenberg breaks down the way materialism can lead to bizarre conclusions (no meaning, no morality, no history).

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  2. Most atheists like to believe that they are smarter and more rational than people who believe in a religion. Scientists also tend to believe they are smarter and more ration than ordinary people. And working as a scientist tends to create a perceptual bias in favor of materialist atheism. So atheist scientists are extremely unlikely to ever admit that a religious idea like God, or intelligent design, or the afterlife, might be true because it would mean that they were wrong and the religious believers were right all along.

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  3. Henri Bergson and the Perception of Time

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  4. Everything We Know Is Wrong?

    (I added the question mark, as I think using the word "everything" is overly sensationalist.)

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  7. The Tacit Supernaturalism of Popular Science

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    Alex, I've been going through some shows I managed to miss and I thought I'd mention that this one really stood out for me. I didn't know about Tim, but I really felt a kinship with his personality and where he's generally coming from. You guys had a very interesting conversation that covered a lot of topics and each one was thought-provoking and fun to listen to. The one bit that stood out most for me was where you were talking about individuality vs. oneness - how the "non-duality consciousness" crowd mentality is a mirror image of the "soul crushing" materialistic fundamentalists - and instead seeing that both "individuality" and "oneness" are real/existing, not one or the other - like "it's both a particle and a wave". Cool stuff, and it rings true to me. :)
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    thx Ian. yeah, I've continued to play around with this idea. I'd like to get Rupert Spira on sometime as I think he does a nice job with this.
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