A Previous Life on Mars

I would ask him if there is anything he knows that can be verified? Maybe something visible on the surface of Mars? Can he explain any anomolies that scientists are puzzling about?

There is evidence that is said to show a nuclear explosion occured on Mars - some people think it was not from natural causes.
(I don't know if this is the best article, I picked it because it was near the top of the search results.)

I think the subject came up on a skeptiko podcast once. ... here is something more like what I remember
The Xe 129 / Xe 132 ratio being 2.5 on Mars is a glaring mystery, making it very different from every other known planetary or solar system reservoir, so it is natural for scientist to try to figure out natural models to explain it. This is particularly true because Xe 129 was a known nuclear weapons signature since 1945 and therefore a sensitive issue even when it was discovered on Mars. However, these models natural models to explain the Xe 129 superabundance on Mars are fraught with difficulties. The major problem is that Mars meteorite components, thought to represent the primordial Martian atmosphere also have a ratio of Xe129/Xe 132 of 1:1.
Some people think a Russian Mars probe was destroyed by a kinetic attack.
On March 28, 1989 an elliptical object was detected moving towards the satellite seconds before it failed.

All indications were that the elliptical object had attacked the satellite which was now dead and left spinning out of control.
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