A short NDE story - on the BBC

Came across an NDE described in a BBC story - which is worth noting.

The story is about a woman who learns that her father is a Catholic priest. However at a critical point in her lifr she had an NDE:
"She remembers the sirens, the stretcher being pushed under her body, something being fitted around her neck. But surprisingly she wasn't in any pain.
Instead she felt completely at peace, blissfully happy, uplifted.

"I was alive but away from my body," she says. "It was amazing, I couldn't ever remember feeling better."

She remembers feeling as though she was being drawn upwards out of her body and towards a soothing, bright light, but the experience was suddenly cut short when a doctor started shouting her name and hitting her hand."
Regarding the BBC, there is a pattern here. The World Service output (which is available in the UK too) is aimed at an international audience, and is quite likely to include content touching on NDEs and other spiritual experiences. However, the content aimed at the home audiences (for example BBC Radio 4) is extremely unlikely to include such content (or very rarely with a strong sceptical background).

This is a serious problem in the UK, the BBC is still influential, but it has lost its former status in the role of keeping the public informed, in favour of a narrower aim of only telling us what it thinks is good for us (Auntie knows best).
I see your point. Not being in the UK I know mainly the international service which I really appreciate for International news and sci/tech news.