Mod+ Ability to Sense When Someone’s Staring at You Is Common, Studies Show

Long, long ago when I was an ardent practitioner of martial arts and was studying ninjutsu, we did a number of exercises that were downright mind-boggling when I now reflect on them.

A particular one that I think of was to stand still, eyes closed and focus on extending chi energy around one's self as a kind of field (though that word wasn't used). Another person would stand behind us and silently reach out a hand towards us with an intent to touch. Once one was in the zone, it was amazing how accurate the sense of being nearly touched was. The closer a hand came, the more intense the feeling. With enough practice, it became an ordinary sense, as normal as looking or hearing.
Hi Szechuan, I studied Ninjutsu too, for about twenty years. Took a ten year break to study kung fu and jujutsu as well as boxing and a few otners, am looking to get back to it actually.
I did my godan test way back in 1992 at the tender age of 22. Every single person passed it that day, the first time in Bujinkan history, said Hatsumi.

Lucky for us these days it's a bamboo sword, no second attempt in the old days with a real one.

The grandmaster has an easy intent to sense, there is no mistaking it. An amazing man. The effect is very real, unmistakable and can be developed as you know.