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For the souls who commit horrible acts of violence against others and cross over unrepentant, the most horrific afterlife scenario awaits them. In this example, Jurgen Ziewe arrives in the afterlife of suicide bombers. These are people whose corrupted beliefs led them to commit horrible atrocities on earth, and yet clinging to the belief that their acts would be rewarded, remain indignant and unrepentant. Jurgen understandably describes this experience as “one of the most horrifying events I have ever witnessed during my long history of Out-of-Body travels and the whole of my life; a nightmare without parallel.”

“[I was transported] almost instantly to the edge of a region that looked like a dark, nineteenth-century industrial park with bleak buildings covering a vast area and large smoke stacks. But this is not what it really was. I saw dark, billowing smoke rising from the ground into a black, menacing sky. As far as my eyes could see I was faced with a place of menacing desolation. The ground was almost pitch-black with cracks appearing everywhere and porous rough rock strewn over the wide area as if spewed out by a volcano and then cooled down into black ice. The sky was covered by billowing clouds formed by the smoke rising from the earth, occasionally lit up by sharp angry flashes of lightning releasing ear-shattering thunder, which made the ground tremble. […]

[…] I finally discovered that the evil billowing smoke came from piles of slowly burning human bodies who were wriggling in agony. In the very first pile I encountered, these twisting, charred and convulsing bodies were stretching their hands and clamoring towards a person who was trapped right in the center of the pile, who himself reached towards the bleak sky, desperately praying for help. The person was surrounded by the very real thought forms of his victim and the representation of their pain. However hard he pleaded, his voice never reached past the heavy curtain of smoke that shielded and surrounded him like an impregnable bastion. I quickly noticed that this impenetrable layer was made of regret and the realization that the fate of his victims and their suffering could never ever be reversed or erased. It was a wall of absolute impossibility built from his victim’s pain and unbearable suffering and the overbearing realization that this was a deed that could never be undone. […]

Then I reached an area where I heard calls to prayer, but it was carried by a sad and lamenting note, unrecognizably distorted. I then noticed it came from people who had lost their faith, some cursing their god for not keeping his part of the bargain. Others defiantly and repentantly proclaimed their fanatical belief by yelling it at an unseen enemy who was barring their way into paradise. Above all a black impenetrable sky responded with red flashes of lightning and roaring thunder.

Then out of the gloom I saw a man approaching me. He did not look out of place in the sinister region. He wore what had once been a white gown but was now dirtied by the ashes. I could see in his face that he was a kind man and devoted to his faith. As he approached me his hands reached out. He told he how glad he was that somebody else had finally come to help in answer to his prayer and he praised God for showing such mercy. He explained to me that he was a helper and faced the awesome task to sort out this mess and rescue some of these poor misguided young people. He lamented that there were very few people brave enough to enter here and assist him in his insurmountable task.

He directed by attention towards another pile of human remains. I could see severed arms and legs, heads with their jaws missing and blood and burned cadavers everywhere. The acrid stench of burned human flesh was everywhere. Right in the middle of the pile was a man wriggling, trying to free himself from the mess, but however hard he tried he sank back into the pile without the possibility of escape. Every so often he would sound out calling for his God and pleading for mercy, but his prayer had no power. Instead, every time he uttered the name of his Lord he was confronted with the truth of his deed and how it was in opposition to what his religion had decreed. And now as soon as his prayer left his lips it was reeled back in almost instantly by the agony of his suffering victims which screamed back at him, and every time it did so he felt their pain and the consequences of his act. The image of a mother holding her mutilated child rising out of the pile and then sinking back again, a child clinging on to the dead body of its parents, the horror that consumed their whole being, a horse lying dying in the street, a young man staring in disbelief at his mangled body. All this played back in a feedback loop from which there was no apparent escape. It was an unending replay, made worse by the realization that there was nothing on Earth or under Heaven that could make this heinous crime undone.

Nothing in stronger than reality. My solemn friend in his tarnished robes began to see that it was beyond my powers to save these poor victims of their own action. […]

The man cast his head down and looked at the helpless pile of wriggling flesh. I felt sorry for this man and wished him with all my heart that he could find extra help.I looked at the miserable soul who was trapped in the pile of wriggling and smoldering limbs and felt a wave of sorrow and sincere compassion and then directed my love towards him. I was surprised by the light emanating from my hand and lighting the region. In the light I could see faces emerging from many more piles such as this. Lost anguished souls turning towards me with their hands outstretched, reaching for the light. That was all I could do, but I hoped with all my heart that in some way it would break the horrific loop and free these people, who in the end were victims themselves.

I walked through the vast killing field of misery, sending waves of light and hoping that through some mysterious way they would do some good and relieve some of this monstrous misery. While I was doing so I was praying inside my heart that people would learn and understand the key tenet of their religions, which is love and not hate.”

–Vistas of Infinity, Jurgen Ziewe, 2015
The most telling is the birthmark on my pinky, which I think I received via a dream when I was about 4 or 5. Seems like when you're really young it isn't hard to mix up memories with dreams, as this has happened to me when I recall supposed events from when I was a toddler that I later am forced to conclude are dreams.

Yet 4 to 5 feels a little too old for such confabulation, and there's at least one other incident when I was older involving some books on mythology....probably a subject for another thread though.
I have always felt that back then I had another way of thinking that held some quality that is very elusive now I am (much!) older!

One thing that seemed to intrigue me, was the idea of secret passages within or between castles. In a way perhaps these short-circuited space, and maybe these other realities do exactly that.



I have always felt that back then I had another way of thinking that held some quality that is very elusive now I am (much!) older!

One thing that seemed to intrigue me, was the idea of secret passages within or between castles. In a way perhaps these short-circuited space, and maybe these other realities do exactly that.

It is interesting that I didn't have problems with overlapping planes of existence, portals, space-time being warped by things like morality, and so on when I was younger.

Was I less philosophically & scientifically sophisticated then, or am I more calcified in my imaginative capabilities now? Honestly I'm not sure...


A Qualitative Investigation of United States Mediums’ Impressions of Spirits and the Afterlife (pages 4-20)

Proof-focused research aimed at evaluating the validity of mediums’ perceptions of the spirit world has provided the basis for a contentious scientific debate about whether information received by mediums is partially veridical or fundamentally delusional. However, little empirical research has gone beyond attempts to establish the veridicality of alleged spirit communications to qualitatively investigate the unique perspectives of mediums regarding the content they claim to access. Qualitative work with mediums thus far has focused on the mediums themselves, as opposed to their perceptions of the nature of discarnate entities or the afterlife. This investigation attempted to summarize themes in mediums’ descriptions of the spirits and the afterlife using Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis (IPA), a qualitative method of investigation founded on phenomenology, hermeneutics, and idiography, which seeks to understand individual perceptions and interpretations of experience. The specific aims of this research were to interview six mediums regarding their understanding of the nature of the afterlife and spirit experiences based on their perceptions and impressions, and to identify commonalities and discrepancies among the themes they described. The mediums, who each participated in a semi-structured interview, were chosen from a list of Windbridge Certified Research Mediums (WCRMs) for maximum geographic diversity, and IPA was used to identify meanings participants assigned to their perceptions and impressions. Analysis identified themes shared across participants as well as aspects of reports unique to individuals or subgroups of participants. Themes common to all mediums’ descriptions of the spirits and the afterlife included the following: the afterlife is part of a timeless, omnipresent non-physical reality; spiritual evolution organizes non-physical reality; spirits may reincarnate; discarnates may remain connected to the living; death is a transition; suicide is a mistake; and a variety of spiritual entities inhabit non-physical reality. The mediums had differing views regarding the availability of discarnates and reincarnation, the nature of angels, and the variety of spiritual entities that exist in the afterlife. Possible factors influencing mediums’ interpretations of their experiences are discussed. Given multiple possible interpretations of the impressions they report, it is useful to ask mediums themselves what sense they make of their experiences. These findings are potentially useful for understanding people who have similar experiences and choose to interpret them in a framework that includes the possibility of survival of consciousness after physical death. Similarities among mediums’ descriptions may be influenced by commonalities among their particular psychological characteristics, membership in a unique sociocultural subgroup, or they may reflect common elements of a particular kind of transpersonal experience. The results of this investigation should be viewed in the context of the ongoing debate regarding the validity of mediums’ perceptions
You are lucky. If you are inclined at all toward Buddhism, you should check this book out:

I would recommend David Morley,who is also a buddhist, or Robert Waggoner as one's first introductory lucid dreaming material.I also have that book and its exercises are quite time consuming and require a great deal of discipline and commitment.Personally, I had two months of exceptional dream recall some 4 years ago,5 or 6 each night,only by writing two pages of lucid dreaming and OBE affirmations.Now,when I do that,I only get sleepless nights.