Alex Tsakiris interviewed on Where Did the Road Go

I'm not sure that I agree with Seriah Azkath's objections to reincarnation evidence. Roughly summarised, his argument goes, we can trust a two-year old child, because they've not had chance to obtain information from the external world, while we cannot trust adults since they've had plentiful opportunities to encounter facts or information at some point, prior to 'remembering' it.

At first, that sounds possible. However there are still cases where the information recalled was so obscure and unknown, that there was no possibility of a person chancing upon it in ordinary life. For example the information may have been stored in some archive unopened for decades, perhaps longer, or may have been otherwise inaccessible.

An example is the case of Robert Snow who apparently recalled a previous life as the artist Carroll Beckwith. Unless we invoke fraud, or deception of some kind, there doesn't seem any way the details could have been found by ordinary means.

It's an intriguing case, but I gave it only as an illustration of the point, that we shouldn't automatically rule out cases involving past-life recollection of adults.