Amanda Cable NDE sees her 'still living daughter'

The universe is a strange place. It's altogether possible that her daughter who I understand was asleep at the time, left her body to go take care of business.
In the occult interpretation there was never a problem; dying splits off other energy bodies and living people can sometimes disconnect theirs temporarily. Unfortunately at some point the occultic view stopped being kosher to mention and the exact same things where recharacterized as OBEs and NDEs.
Hmm, an interesting thought. There seems to be many reports of meeting deceased loved ones in dreams, usually bearing a message for the individual, however the loved ones that appear are no longer living. That's why this particular case confused me. It would seem like one of those things more hard-nosed sceptics would use to discredit NDE's/OBE's
Hmm, an interesting thought. There seems to be many reports of meeting deceased loved ones in dreams, usually bearing a message for the individual, however the loved ones that appear are no longer living. That's why this particular case confused me. It would seem like one of those things more hard-nosed sceptics would use to discredit NDE's/OBE's
Hardnose skeptics are just deniers. No need to pay them any attention.
the article said:
But little Ruby was insistent. ‘Mummy, step through the gates NOW!’ Her urgency bought me to my senses. I stepped through it and Ruby slammed it shut behind me.

The shock jolted my body — and I am sure it was at this moment that the defibrillator pads being used by the medics shocked my heart back into a rhythm.
Her experience sounded creepy to me. Maybe she didn't go to heaven, maybe she went to the other place.
I can understand the query of the OP. It is often said (and rightly, in my view) that encounters with friends and relatives who have died, when the knowledge that they had died was as yet unknown, serve as proof of the validity of the experience. A skeptic may counter this by saying, well, what about seeing people who are still alive? One does not invalidate the other, however. It is a bit like the super-psi argument which says that a medium doesn't get messages from the dead but telepathically from the sitter. Odd to use one form of psi to disprove another, in my view, but it has to be considered.

I suspect that there is a desire to reduce the experience into simple - even mechanistic - explanations when, in fact, there are very many things we don't understand. As pointed out above, there are many examples of living people operating out of body. Some people seem to specialise in helping those near death, or immediately after death, through the transition (or guide them back to this life).

There are also accounts of people meeting fictional characters. Proof that the experience was bogus? No - just that what we encounter may be set up in such a way as to present itself in a manner which may be meaningful to the experiencer. It might comfort an individual to meet Jesus or Krishna or even Obi-wan Kenobi.
Maybe Ruby experienced by her mother during her experience was the unconscious of Ruby, who contacted her mother to overcome her trance. Interestingly, the apparition of Ruby showed a uniform and hairstyle never seen by her mother, details that were consistent with reality. In fact in psychic research have many cases where a person remotely appears to another but the person was alive and he / she not felt anything special at the time of the apparition is perceived by the witness.
I've seen quite a few of these reports, seeing or being accompanied by one's living children during an NDE. We can only guess what is going on here, really.

My take would be that "God" provides the means to make it happen (all things are possible with "God" ) with the intention to get the person in the near death crisis to go back and live/continue their lives (for their kids presumably)

I don't think sceptics can take any satisfaction from this case though, the details she reports, being aware she was dying etc and going upwards into white light are remarkably persuasive and consistent with a survivalist's interpretation.

I use the word "God" but I have no concept of what that is BTW
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One of the themes of many NDE reports is related to the decision or act of returning to the body, rather than continuing the journey ... wherever it may lead ... away from the body. Sometimes for example there may be a boundary such as a river, if the person during the NDE crosses this boundary, they may not return. Sometimes some so-called 'being of light' may gently but firmly insist that the person has not yet completed their life on earth, and has to return in order to carry out some important work - though sometimes a person is not sure what the work actually is. Other times it may be one or more deceased relatives who give the message, "it's not your time yet, you must go back".

On still other occasions a person may seem to have a free choice as to whether to go on or to return, and in those instances very often it is the thought of how their family would cope without them, and the thought of one's children, especially young children is often key. As soon as the person having the NDE starts to think of the needs of their children, the decision to return becomes the most urgent priority, and no matter how wonderful or beautiful the NDE has been, the return to the body, and re-awakening in this life is rapid.

The case described above seems to be a variation of this latter theme, that of returning because of the need to care for others.

in this account a woman Amanda Cable has an NDE but claims to have seen her daughter Ruby who happened to still be alive. what does this mean for the idea that an NDE is a glimpse of the afterlife, when the loved one she seen was still alive and well? (i am not a sceptic of NDE/OBE btw, just slightly confused about this)
All sorts of imagery is reported during the NDE, but I think it's important not to take it literally, it's the underlying feelings that the imagery evokes (or imagery that is evoked by the feelings) that seems important to me.
Great stuff guys, NDEs seem to still be quite a mystery. There are definitely a few good theories for this case, perhaps the being of light took the form of her daughter, perhaps the daughter in her sleep did go to greet amanda. The visual of her being verbally forced through the gates is interesting also, maybe they represented the gateway to reality/the physical world
This illogical NDE wouldn't be a problem if atheists and skeptics believed we had a soul. Why do we feel obligated to atheist-skeptics to prove to them the existence of the spirit when most things in the universe are in fact invisible and undetectable? So somebody has a near death experience about the living, so what!
Neutrinos are invisible and you need special equipment to detect them. Yet I think there are more people who have seen/detected ghosts than have seen/detected neutrinos. So why wouldn't ghosts and spirits exist?
I think the problem for athiests and skeptics is that they ask for proof too much and question explain things with weaker arguments, sometimes it seems like they just throw sh*t and hope that it sticks. I can't say I find it unreasonable though to question new discoveries or huge phenomena, it wouldn't really make sense to label a phenomenon as 'proof of an afterlife' or 'proof of god' etc without good reason, that would be akin to finding a horn an saying "unicorns must exist" more research would be needed (most likely came from another animal, narwhal horns are almost exactly like unicorn horns). I think that was the issue with this particular nde, a sceptic might say, "oh well the person that appeared to her was still alive, her young daughter, obviously at the time ruby was a prominent focus on her mind and so she visualised her in a dream, we already have the tendency to do this when we sleep". Or something along those lines