Amazing Interview Joseph Chilton Pearce

So few views and no comments? He's getting old but there's still lots of wisdom and knowledge that he can teach. He might appear like a doddery old man in places, but he's far far from it.

J.C Pearce is a fascinating man.

Thanks for posting FFH ;;/?
There were some real gems in that interview. And I thought his display of "age" was charming. He obviously still has his wits quite about him. I've never read his stuff, but I'm going to now. But first I'm reading that book he suggested--The Spell of the Sensuous.
Excellent interview thanks for posting it. I also plan to read the Abram book. Cheetham made reference to "Spell of the Sensuous" in one his books which spurred me to get it a while back. The title of Chilton's last book, "The Death of Religion and the Rebirth of Spirit: A Return to the Intelligence of the Heart", is to my mind a perfect statement of the esoteric reality. If I took all the books and papers I've read over the last few years and boiled it all that down to its essence: that would be it.