An article, on the lack of understanding of Buddhism

Haven't completely read this article.

But, before going to sleep tonight (sunrise actually) I want to say that, I myself as a perhaps pessimist, wish to propose my humble opinion:

I'm afraid, that our "self", the true "existence to be me" of each one of us respectively, this sometimes called our "ego", probably is more fragile (vulnerable) than any optimist might think.

For example, reincarnation by erasing our memories within this life, actually throws this "self" into oblivion and the void, with whatever transmitted to wherever being something else which is essentially completely another entity or individual other than our "self". Merging into the "oneness consciousness" does the same thing. Spiritual ascension does the same thing. Delving into the realm of "no time" does the same thing.

Despite relevant to the wisdom of Buddhism, or the truth matching, I often find the Buddhism is colder and more relentless than other religions. To become a Buddhist, people need to become a hollow statue which seems kind, loving but actually inadvertent and emotionless.
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