Anyone know what happened to the Subversive Thinking Blog?



Seems to have been removed?

Hoping all that information and interviews was preserved on a new site?






Thanks Ian - I'm a bit unsure if I should post what I can salvage online. (In a compressed file, not on a new web page.)

On the one hand the site was really, really good. On the other I don't want to disrespect Jime, who may have had compelling reasons for wanting to be disassociated with the site.
It was an interesting blog with some interesting materials.

On blogs one can share one's opinions with others (and on discussion boards). Can one later decide to "unshare" the opinions?

Copyright can protect IP, but if issue is not ownership but rather the existence of previously expressed opinions.

It strikes me as sad if someone choses to remove opinions unless those opinions were needlessly harmful to others. I would find it more interesting if someone said, my opinion on this subject has changed based on new experiences or information.
The most common reason I know of for people suddenly disappearing from the parapsych community is because they either needed to get a job and therefore needed to make this topic disappear when Googling their name or they have gotten a job where they can no longer be associated with this subject. Either way, it's usually outside pressures.