Mod+ Are Human Beings Robots? | Interview with Dr. Rupert Sheldrake


What is a human being? It is the ultimate question, to which institutional science offers surprising answers. The materialistic paradigm, which has dominated institutional science for well over a century, states that the essence of consciousness can be reduced to the physical components of the brain. However, does an alternative scientific perspective exist?

One of the most remarkable researchers into consciousness and the evolution of life is biologist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake. Dr. Sheldrake is the author of more than 80 scientific papers and ten books. He has won international acclaim for his experimental research on his hypothesis of morphic fields and morphic resonance.

Dr. Sheldrake’s official website:

Videotaped experiments featured in this presentation: Telephone Telepathy with the Nolan Sisters:

Jaytee: A dog who knew when his own was coming home:

Dr. Sheldrake’s responses to various self-styled skeptics’ misrepresentations of his research – Controversies and debates with skeptics:

Rupert’s books:
I thought I'd followed all Rupert's research but strangely I'd never heard of the 'milk let down' reflex with nursing mothers before.
I must look into it but my first thought is that because babies do tend to cry a lot, surely it's difficult to correlate a mother's 'tingling' to a baby's distress?