Are you a skeptic or a proponent?

Are you a skeptic or a Proponent?

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If the pursuit of truth is our aim, being a skeptic or a believer implies a fixed position, a bias on our approach to new information that would ultimately be a stumbling block towards that aim.

So neither for me.
For me changing to "proponent" would still apply to what I just said. Either something is true in an objective sense or its not irrespective of what I prefer to stand for.
What are you doing?

I'm getting a new saw possibly today, because as I explained previously, I can't make straight cuts with a jigsaw. (Then as you pointed out, nobody can). I had planned on getting a plain old circular saw, but then I discovered that you can get a cheap table saw for about the same price as a good circular saw. I'm thinking it's probably much easier to guide wood through a saw than handle a saw itself over wood. Straight cuts still would seem rather difficult with a circular saw without some kind of guide clamp thingie, even with a laser focus. But with a table saw the guides come automatically and you just move the wood through. Seems it would be a shitload easier.