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Randy Nickerson was on Coast to Coast with George Knapp this past weekend to talk about his film documentary on the UFO sighting at the Ariel School in Africa that was investigated by Dr John Mack of Harvard.

Information on the status of the film project can be found here:

The trailer for the film can be seen here:

The Indiegogo page is here:

John Mack discussed this case in a talk at IONS (Jacques Vallee was in attendance).

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Check out the video by Emily Trim. She says she's still being visited by these beings:

"Have you had any other experiences with the same being?"
Emily: "I don’t know if it’s the exact same being, but what I can say … Yes ... So when we were talking about the time (of the event, which) I depicted here. I don’t know when I’m going to realize what I’m drawing. It just comes out. For me, it’s like an energy that’s all around us that’s causing time to stop at that point.

"Could you explain what the other beings that have been coming to her, as far as you know, look like."
Emily: "You mean when I’m having experiences? [Yes.] I’ll just say that they can alter perception so they can change to make you almost feel a bit more comfortable with what you’ve seen. The last encounter there were grays. A face went back and forth between a being and lion.”

It's the energy that's around us. Time slows to a crawl & being frozen [c.f., Anthony Peake].
"They can alter perception ... assume lion." From fairies to leprechauns to greys warning about environmental disaster. But never heard of assuming the shape of a lion. Maybe it's the symbolism (e.g., like Aslan in CS Lewis' "The Chronicles of Narnia"). Fascinating. But what takeaway is there except that they may yet again be "messengers of deception" (a la Vallee)? Any ideas?