Audio Book?

I'm presently having to fend off 3 skeptical debunkers in the 9/11 thread all by myself, because nobody cares about fascinating topics and dire, consequential issues around here. It's pathetic, and it makes me sad. It's really the lack of curiosity that I find most astonishing.

Maybe Skeptiko just isn't the right place for me anymore. Perhaps it's time to move on. That's probably what I'll do. :(

Well, it was a nice ride.
Super Sexy was an untamed, free spirit who lived by his own code. It was folly for us who were shackled to conformity to entertain the notion that we could bridle such passion. One could only chuckle as we watched such a fiery enigma gallop with wild abandon into the frontier, past the edges of the known, safe world. Yes, I think as the days would come to pass the townsfolk would accept that an angel had visited our sorry village for a time, and I... well, I could do no more in my old age than give the gift of his story to my grandchildren, and hope they would learn from the mistakes of humans.