Awakening just minutes before a pre-set alarm...

I was having a conversation with a friend and this suddenly became a topic. He has been experiencing this almost daily during the last few months and took notice of it due to the clock's alarm being set to different times to accommodate his work schedule (he works as a contractor, so he doesn't have a "set" work shift and agrees on particular times with his clients). He claims that it is almost always within 10 minutes from the pre-set time and that it rarely happens with an hour or more time left before the target time.

I did not discard that this was the putative internal clock manifesting itself in some odd way (although the lack of recurrence in the times and the fact that "hours" and "minutes" are arbitrary representations may make this argument a bit questionable), but he seems convinced that this is some form of precognition or telepathy...

So my question is this: Has this been described in any of the psi literature? If so, has it been studied?
Heh. It feels like this happens to me a lot...
I think that it has happened to all of us at one time or another, but we fail to notice it because we assume that our body is acting on routine. What made him take notice is that there is no "routine" that dominates his sleep cycle, it is a volatile day to day schedule. I certainly did not make a big deal of it until he made his argument.
This is pretty much every day for me. I rarely get to hear the alarm clock's noise anymore. I usually wake up before it goes off by about 5-15 minutes and I have a very unreliable/sporadic sleep schedule.

I have never attributed it to some form of psi but rather a dislike for that damn alarm clock's buzzing lol Wake up before it goes off, but not too early where I'll be able to fall back asleep comfortably, and I'll never have to hear that dreadful beep-beep again :P
Something which may be related, but not the same.

When digital watches first became popular, I used to carry one in my pocket (not on my wrist). Sometimes I'd go out for a walk, just wandering around as the fancy took me, and not really knowing or caring what time it was. But a few times, I'd think, "I wonder what time it is" and first make a guess before taking the watch out and comparing. My guesses could be extremely close, which surprised me.

Nowadays I don't carry a watch (nor a phone etc.). Sometimes a passer by might ask if I know what the time is, and I might make a guess - but I tell them several times that I'm only guessing. No idea whether I'm helping or hindering :)
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Thanks for all of the replies, I did not think that it was that common. Seeing so much hate and disdain stimulate a response, be it psi or not, is certainly refreshing from all the love and acceptance of modern PS. I am wondering if this can be tested with a new form of experiment where we put the subject to sleep and bring his ex to the room without previous knowledge...
I am wondering if this can be tested with a new form of experiment where we put the subject to sleep and bring his ex to the room without previous knowledge...
This in itself is interesting. Sleep. Sometimes I might feel very sleepy in the middle of the day. Usually I just carry on through that. But once in a while I might give in to the impulse to go to sleep. Then after a while I might awaken, it is dark, I don't know whether it is early morning and time to get up, or late at night and time to go to sleep. Maybe that's just me, but I find sleep very disorientating. Yet sometimes I might wake up, and it is dark, I've no idea of the time. But still, I may sometimes (not always) make a very accurate guess.

One of the things which I think is interesting is that sometimes I make wildly inaccurate guesses. But other times, almost perfectly precise. I don't see this as simply the law of averages. My view is that sometimes I am 'tuned in' for want of a better term. The same I think can apply to synchronicities. They don't necessarily have to be meaningful. But when one is in a certain frame of mind, 'tuned in' as it were, synchronicity will occur with great regularity. Apart from occasional exceptions, I don't usually read messages into these. The message is only (for me at least) the simple one - it is a barometer of whether one is in a harmonious state or not.