Babies and Psychic Phenomena

I have read before that animals seem to be sensitive to psi / paranormal phenomena and was wondering if the same thing could be said for babies/young children. I have a thirteen month old sister and have had odd occurrences with her that could be paranormal/psi related. My other sister,thirteen years old, also had occurrences when she was much younger as well. Would love to get opinions about this.
I'm not aware of any scientific randomized double blind studies, but anecdotally children are more likely to have psychic experiences. They sometimes stop having them when they get older, possibly because they are not believed or punished because of them, or they are socialized to stop believing in them, or school work over utilizes the analytical mind and their intuitive abilities atrophy as a result.

In my opinion, if a child describes a psychic experience you should accept it matter-of-factly without giving it too much attention. You might ask a few questions to show you believe it and are interested. You don't want to discourage them from experiencing genuine phenomena or telling you about them, but you also don't want to encourage them to make them up by rewarding them with a lot of attention. Also it is better to tell them that some people might have negative reactions to them if they talk about it so they should be careful who they tell. Some people might be afraid or think it is demonic or think they are lying.
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I agree. My thirteen year old sister always seemed to be secretly conversing with a entity or spirit of some type when she was two or three. There was a time where she picked up a picture of my late grandfather, who died just a year before she was born, and told my mother, “You’re dad said hi.” Obviously my mother was in complete shock. This could just be an active imagination, but she rarely talked or said anything remotely weird so this was out of character for her. It should be noted that my sister also has mild autism and still has an imaginary friend to this day.
There is also Professor Ian Stevenson's work on reincarnation. He and the man who took over from him, Jim Tucker, have amassed a lot of scientific evidence that some very young children have memories of a previous life that can be verified. I.e. they are reincarnating!

It is a shame that they are viewed as overactive imaginations and such. I still believe to this day that she was communicating with my late grandfather. He caused quite a bit of mishap when I was little, as well as my recently deceased step-grandfather:)
Children have sense but not experience. Experience is a way of independently surviving a physical environment, including other people. I can recall having what in hindsight were sophisticated judgements on hospital staff, aged 2. It was instinctive knowledge of the difference between what they said and the truth, and what their situation believed it was for and was actually doing, and the memory of it doesn't match up with what we think of from a 2 year old.

Babies seem to come with a set of finely tuned emotional instincts which they subsequently apply to actual situations. In hauntings, they'll often refer to an unseen entity as bad mister, or smiley lady, suggesting a knowledge of motive. I suspect young children have a sense of the reality from which they emerged, which may have been fuller than the physical world in which they find themselves. The memory of it fades once it is no longer required for survival, existing only as instinct, which some people block out more completely than others.