Berenstein Bears / Berenstain Bears

Here's an interesting thing. Apparently a large number of people who read these popular childrens books remember them as the BerenSTEIN bears, spelled like that, and only recently discovered, when it was brought to their attention, that all copies, including their own, actually read BerenSTAIN. So strong is the conviction that it seems to have spawned a "parallel universes" debate on the internet. Check it out. I was drawn into this in a minor way because I seem to remember "Interview With A Vampire" rather than "Interview With THE Vampire" and even though I'm quite prepared to believe I am kind of bugs me.
Isn't this also like the 9/11 "memory", where people could swear they saw the first airplane fly in the tower, live on TV.

Or a bit like; the 52 states of USA. This one almost feels like an altered-time-line-glicth lol. So many people are so sure that the USA consists of 52 states, that it's like a plot out of a sci/fi movie, where, for some specific reason, 2 states has been "removed", and then erased from peoples cognitive mind by "the-powers-that-be" for some unknown reason - but deep down in the core of peoples minds lingers the firm memory that there once was 52 states - but no one can name them. Someone should write a novel, or make a movie, about it. ;)

Here is a list of more `altered-time-line-memories´.
A deeper discussion is possible about this, but keeping it (relatively) light here, it's the Berenstein one that probably fascinates me the most out of the "Mandela Effect" memories. I think some of the others can probably be put down to people misremembering where or when they heard news stories (not that this is **unequivocally provable** as the explanation though).

I do think that I would be deeply perturbed if someone told me that Mary Shelley's novel was actually called Frankenstain, and then I went to check, and indeed it was...or I dug out my own copy only to discover that it was Frankenstain too. I can certainly see myself being *that* sure that the novel is called Frankenstein, indeed, I AM that sure, so if, like the Bernstein-worlders, I was faced with the fact that it (apparently) really was Frankenstain...I think I can catch a glimpse of how disorienting that would be.