Beyond Energy, Matter, Time and Space

Well, what other mind do you propose we use? Hell, if the physical mind is separate from some other mind(s), just how many minds does an individual have?

I think you're probably trying to say that thinking of reality in terms that the forms we currently exist in are locked into is most likely insufficient and needs a broader perspective.
If it's all filtered through physicality while we're in physical form, then odds are we'd never be able to see past physicality until we are no longer in a physical form.
Not so. You're treading into a reductionist either/or viewpoint. Go back to the word "filtered" Or think of a visual construct (e.g. spectrum analyzer) of radio waves. Loose analogies but I tnk you can get what I mean. BTW, there's no seeing (or any other physical-oriented sensing) in non-physical.
I'm sure there's seeing, just beyond anything we're used to here.

The thing about a filter is that it pulls out certain things while leaving others. In the case of consciousness and perception, it seems to remove the ability to (easily) perceive any non-physical planes of existence while leaving awareness and the ability to perceive in general, albeit limited in scope to the physical. I have neither seen any evidence, nor had any experiences that would convince me that we're capable of perceiving anything beyond aside from extreme cases like NDEs and OBEs.