Bob Larson

Bob Larson seems to be gaining more popularity lately. How many of you have seen this guy at work? It's jaw-droppingly hilarious/sad. Don't forget to make a large donation to him after watching his exorcism video (which I'll link to below), he will be sure to provide the links for the donations as well as the phone numbers for his pricey consultations as well at the end. When you live in a million dollar mansion, someone has to pay the bills. Don't forget to drop by his website where you yourself can find out if you "have demons" for the fantastic price of 10 dollars. According to Bob "over half of the population has demons." If you find out that you have a demon, he can take care of it for you for only 400 dollars. What a steal!

If you watch any of this guys public exorcisms, the psychology of this is just amazing. People willingly come up from the audience to have these ridiculous exorcisms performed on them.

If you want to see one of his ridiculous exorcisms, here you go