Checkmate atheists? Proof of demons?


I challenge every atheist on this forum to watch this video. How do you explain the marks on the homeowner's body? How do you explain the blood coming down his walls, which was tested by a lab?
Although there is nothing wrong with using a documentary to make a point, I wouldn't rely on it as a primary source of evidence. There are other cases in the literature of supposed possession cases where spectators like doctors, nurses, and clergyman both report seeing the same thing. In some cases, the subjects do things that are impossible, such as levitate, speak fluent Hebrew, and exhibit unusual amounts of strength. What is interesting is that many cases of possession share traits with multiple personality disorder, including the fact that somehow different alters have been shown to have different physiological responses to foods, different handwritings, even different languages

I have a very deep hunch that all paranormal phenomenon is in some way related, but I don't know yet as to how this could be.
There is also the recent case in Gary, Indiana where police officers and social workers at the scene directly witnessed paranormal phenomenon. This certainly adds another level of credibility