Clairvoyant Chemistry & Mystical Physics - Is there an Akashic Record or is it Something Else?

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How do humans sometimes gain academic knowledge that seems outside of their ability to surmise? Some suggest there's an Akashic Record out there, though the form & location of this record is up for debate.

Thanks to Billw for the chemistry link:

1) Clairvoyant chemistry

"A strong contender for the strangest book ever written about chemistry is Occult chemistry by Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater published in 1909. It offers an element-by-element account of the form and structure of atoms, with astonishingly rich substructure and detail – some like ornate frozen splashes, others resembling the rose windows of Gothic cathedrals. Far from being unsplittable – this was eight years before Ernest Rutherford astonished the world by ‘splitting the atom’ – these atoms are composites of more fundamental particles, of which hydrogen is composed of 18 and nitrogen of no fewer than 290.

You’re wondering, no doubt, how on earth the authors knew all this in the days before x-ray diffraction, electron microscopy and high-energy particle physics. The answer is that they saw it with their own eyes....

...So far, so deluded. But this was a strange time, and one can’t quite just dismiss Besant and Leadbeater as mad fantasists. They were connected with several leading scientists of their age, some of whom read the book (with varying degrees of scepticism). Like it or not, Occult chemistry is a part – a bizarre, even unsettling part – of chemical history."

Edit: Critique of Occult Chemistry here. (Critique of the critique here.)

2) Sayana seemingly calculates speed of light from the Vedas:

"Strictly speaking, Sayana here attributes a (fantastically high) speed to the Sun (Surya), not to light itself. Depending on what values one assumes for a yojana and for a nimesha, this speed corresponds to about 186,000 miles per second, roughly equal to the speed of light. This was pointed out by P.V. Vartak in his Scientific Knowledge in the Vedas (1995, p. 95)....

...Kak points out that the Vayu Purana (ch. 50) has a comparable passage, where the "speed of the Sun" is exactly 1/18th of Sayana's value. While he is also susceptible to assuming "scientific foreknowledge" by mystical means, he also accepts that "to the rationalist" the proximity of Sayana's value to the physical constant is simply coincidence.[4]"
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The author of the article of that link was less than convinced of the authenticity of the Leadbeater and Bessant contributions. I found another article, written by a history of science expert that noted the "remarkable contributions of Leadbeater and Bessant" but have not yet gotten a response from him clarifying his thoughts and references. I am unable to grasp the significance of Stephen M. Phillips ideas on the matter.



What I found amusing about the Occult Chemistry article was how hard the guy was trying to play at being a materialist, when clearly he thought something weird was going on. I actually think writing it that way was the only way to get it published on that site.
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Here's something I found on Stephen M. Phillips & Occult Chemistry:

Micro-Psi and String Theory: How Occultists Beat Physicists to the Punch

Here's stuff about Phillips:

In the late 1970s Stephen Phillips, then a physics graduate student at the University of California, happened across some of the diagrams from Occult Chemistry. Contrary to what we might expect of most physicists, he took a serious interest in the material, and the end result was a major technical validation of the data obtained by Leadbeater and Besant. Dr. Phillips discovered that “Besant and Leadbeater’s clairvoyant descriptions of the chemical elements are completely consistent with the Quark, Quantum Chromodynamic and Super-String theories of modern subatomic physics.”23 This he details in depth in his 1980 book The Extra-Sensory Perception of Quarks, in which Phillips reconciles Occult Chemistry with modern physics. Because of his work, “Occult Chemistry now stands as a glittering testimony to the validity of Besant and Leadbeater’s claims.” 24
There's a lot of chemistry & physics claims that probably need to be double checked but it does seem interesting that at least some of Occult Chemistry did have uncanny predictions.


The Book of Life [by Prescott]

What the "Myers" communicator seems to be saying is that the cruel man does not telepathically access the memories of his victims in the sense of probing their minds, but instead accesses something akin to the Akashic Records, a comprehensive database in which all experiences are recorded and preserved. This is the "Great Memory, the Book of Life," in which "all has been registered." This information "has a kind of existence" - presumably not quite the kind of existence that we are familiar with, but some form of existence nevertheless.

The deceased person becomes "sensible of" this information when "he has drifted into touch with the web of memory that clothed his life" - a peculiar and provocative way of phrasing it. It is almost as if "Myers" is saying that there is a matrix or cluster of information ("a web of memory") associated with each particular consciousness (i.e., "that clothed his life"), that this information cluster is part of a vastly larger information database, and that under the right circumstances an individual consciousness can access relevant parts of this information - information pertaining directly to him or to those with whom he has come in contact. Having accessed the information, he can then experience subjectively what the information means, including its emotional content.

Other interpretations are no doubt possible, but this interpretation, at least, would seem to be in line with the idea that information is preserved indefinitely, independent of any particular consciousness, and that the information acquires meaning or "life" only when it is associated with a particular consciousness - somewhat in the same way that a hologram can be constructed out of the raw data of interference patterns only when a focused beam of light is projected through those patterns.
Link to Laszlo's discussion on the Akasha here. Seems possibly interrelated to Prescott's post given the conclusion.

@ghost - It also seems to touch on your question about what makes/sustains the laws of reality.

I can't help thinking of a quote from Stephen Hawking, taken from his book A Brief History of Time:

"Even if there is only one possible unified theory, it is just a set of rules and equations. What is it that breathes fire into the equations and makes a universe for them to describe? The usual approach of science of constructing a mathematical model cannot answer the questions of why there should be a universe for the model to describe. Why does the universe go to all the bother of existing?"

Perhaps it is consciousness (the "I-thought") that breathes fire into the equations (the raw data) and "makes a universe."
Interesting connection to the observer-participancy of Wheeler which was taken up & refined by Josephson. So it would seem, if I understand this whole thing correctly, the "Akasha" would be akin to Sheldrake's Morphic Fields which were partially inspired by an unorthodox take on the concept of memory?

p.s.Incidentally I mentioned a Book of Life sculpture here. Coincidence? Or maybe synchronicity? ;-)
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Interesting speculation:

Raven’s Appearance: The Language of Prophecy

A little while ago archaeological discoveries were made in his hometown. And it turns out, although there is sadly almost nobody today who wants to know about these matters because the implications are so far-reaching, that he was a priest of Apollo (the Greek god whose sacred bird was the raven) who specialized in other states of consciousness and in accessing the world of oneness; that he was a prophet, a messenger on behalf of the gods, who was given the divine ability to reveal hidden aspects of the past and present and future which nobody else is aware of; that he was a healer who worked, among other things, through the interpretation of dreams. It is common knowledge that Parmenides, celebrated as the founder of Western logic, paradoxically presented this famous logic of his in the form of a poem — in the meter of sacred poetry. But what is not understood is that he brought logic into the Western world from another world. And he brought it as a gift from the gods which was meant to take us back to the gods.

Parmenides is only one part of the whole picture, though. Not only he, but also other people around him who lived at roughly the same time, brought into existence the groundwork for what could be estimated at being well over ninety percent of Western culture. And they brought it in as a gift. I am talking not just about logic but also about all the fundamental aspects of Western science, from cosmology and astronomy through to the roots of psychology.
Reminds me of how Ramanujan, whose deathbed dream conjecture was proven in 2012, would claim that his mathematical insights were given to him by the goddess Namagiri while dreaming:

He lived a rather Spartan life while at Cambridge. Ramanujan credited his acumen to his family Goddess, Namagiri of Namakkal. He looked to her for inspiration in his work, and claimed to dream of blood drops that symbolised her male consort, Narasimha, after which he would receive visions of scrolls of complex mathematical content unfolding before his eyes.
Ramanujan was also mentioned by Chatain in his argument for the transcendent nature of mathematics.

In a post in C&S Nbtruthman mentioned Wallace came to believe the higher mental faculties were, along with life & animal consciousness, an intervention of Spirit. The atheist philosopher Nagel has also wondered about how evolution might give rise to reason, and the Argument from Rationality is one of the arguments for immaterialism found in philosophy of mind going at least as far back as Plato's dialogues into modernity via papers like the aforementioned Ross's Immaterial Aspects of Thought.

Despite my dislike of the IMO overreach into consideration of spirit hybrids, I'll note that in Supernatural Hancock has also mentioned the possibility that the Phenomenal/Imaginal reality gave us language and art through the gateway of psychedelics - an idea beautifully depicted in Alex Grey's The Visionary Origin of Language (before trying psychedelics go to Neurosoup to learn about safe use):

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I don't understand some aspects of the so-called Akashic Library. I mean, ¿who wrote it?
Isn't it more akin to Morphic Resonance + Platonic Forms, in that the the past + mathematics is accessible?

Makes me think of the Josephson paper on what he calls the Universal Mind.

I suspect if such a thing exists it's probably a bit different from his conception though I do see Bohm's name often come up in discussions of a connected wholeness.

I think if there is such a thing as an Akashic Record Bohm's Implicate Order would [IMO] have some accuracy.
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