CNN show on "Is Heaven Real?"


Frank Matera

Be interesting to see what it's like... but with Anderson Cooper involved it is probably leaning towards cynical.

From memory Cooper is an Atheist isn't he? I remember he did a couple of shows on Mediumship and even had John Edward on the show doing a reading on Anderson Cooper's own mother Gloria Vanderbilt who herself claims to have psychic ability. John Edward read for members of Anderson Coopers audience, his film crew etc etc... with some very good results... and at the end of it even with his own mother confirming how accurate the reading was.... Anderson Cooper ended the show with "I'm still Skeptical that it's real" :eek:

So my guess it this will be leaning on the side of cynical.

Frank Matera


Hmmm... Anyone really impressed by this?
Depends what you mean by impressed? Impressed with John Edward? or with this particular reading.

It's a pretty average reading but it's to be expected given the person he is reading is Gloria Vanderbilt and her son is Anderson Cooper. This is why I don't enjoy reading for someone who is "famous" or has a "profile" or is a relative or friend. It narrows the amount of information you can get down to specific stuff that can be very personal and impact them... but to an outsider listening in means absolutely nothing.

What can John Edward come out in this reading that could be seen as not cold or hot reading? Names?, Number of kids? Kids names? How they died? All stuff that is publically known or can be googled... so you have to come up with obscure stuff that only that person could know... but to outsiders seems irrelevant.

This is actually a pretty poor example to use as a John Edward's reading because of the sitter. I've watched him live 5 times and readings are rarely like this... including a reading he did for a friend of mine which I know was extremely accurate with names etc. Given it was a ticket I had purchased and this person had come along at the last minute I don't think google could possibly have been his friend then.

Here is an example of how John Edward normally conducts his readings. You can see when he doesn't know the person he can use all sorts of information he couldn't when reading a well known person.

This I am impressed with.