Computer Code Found in the Universe?

This is an interesting talk by a lead string theory theorist at Cornell University. What could this all mean?

If the link does not work, he observed computer code written in the fabric of physics equations. The implications are absolutely astounding.
It's hard for me to get past his complete ignorance about consciousness.
I don't trust his interpretation of the data.
I'm also curious: what other interpretation could there possibly be of a find like this, other than that the universe is an artificial creation by some kind of intelligence? Computer code does not appear anywhere in nature.
Claude Shannon's study can be found here. A reprint from The Bell System Technical Journal, Vol. 27, pp. 379–423, 623–656, July, October, 1948

The set of theorems he developed in this seminal work on information theory, centered around the ability to conduct lossless data communications between two points (one transmitting and one receiving - or simplex communications) which bore both entropy at the source, as well as noise in the intermedium. The implication here being apparently that the fundamental particle emergences inside M Theory, adhere to specific pre-fix and coding instructions developed at a transmission source, applied so as to ensure a lossless accuracy in replication, inside our realm. We would in effect only see the redundant prefix coding unraveling inside our realm according to a protocol ensuring lossless replication.

While a rather large extrapolation in this video - its genre of construct nonetheless stands as a Necessary Alternative - and should not be dismissed by a mere wave of the pretend skeptic hand.

It begs the question (to Alex's point) - if we can conceive of particle emergence being the result of projection from a substrate - why then is it that consciousness is embargoed of such similar permission?
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It's interesting that you mention this. If I am not mistaken, it is now of the general belief that life on Earth originated from elsewhere, due to the fact that in order for the RNA first hypothesis to be correct, large amounts of molybendum and boron are required- neither of which were believed to be in large quantities on Earth, due to the low levels of oxygen believed to exist on Earth over three billion years ago:

This, of course, does not prove that humans came from Mars, but it does offer interesting evidence to consider.
Hmm this sounds like The Matrix.. haha!

I have heard a few different scientists mention the universe possibly being a computer simulation of some sort. Which surprised me as this was on mainstream news. Interesting. Does this tie in with the "Holographic Universe" theory?