Crop circles disappointment

I have spent the last couple of months researching - not in depth, but not superficially either - the "mystery" of crop circles, attracted by a possible connection with extended consciousness. I was rather underwhelmed. Compared with the standards of psychical research I am used to, and contrary to what I instinctively felt when I first approached the subject, the evidence for anomalous phenomena seems to me extremely thin.

I have wrtitten a short series of articles on this, that you may be interested in reading. I conclude the last one, published today, by saying "I do not maintain that all aspects of crop circles are explained. I do not maintain that all anecdotal evidence is false – the product of misperception and delusion. I do not even maintain that the BLT Research investigations about plant anomalies are necessarily solely the result of sloppy research. I maintain that, below a shimmering, mesmerizing surface, I could not find a fraction of what I need to really engage with the issue."

But I also appeal: "If anybody is aware of reports of serious investigations or scientific papers I have missed in my relatively superficial research, please point them out to me – I will be very happy to look at them."

I would be most grateful for any meaningful reference.

Thanks for reading.

Piero -
Piero, here's a whole Skeptiko thread devoted to crop circles:

I and other members of this forum have found particularly compelling Matthew Williams' evidence for the man-made nature of the circles. He's a self-admitted crop circle hoaxer with connections to many of the UK's crop circle teams, and he's explained in detail how they're made. Once you're aware of the details of their manufacture, you can look at high-resolution photos of circles and spot the tell-tale signs.

For my part, I've come to believe that every single one of the complex formations is man-made. I think that if there's an anomalous phenomenon at work, the candidates to examine should be the crudest, simplest, most natural-looking formations, similar to the ones described in history.

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I was a young child when IIRC, GMTV in the UK did a little article on crop circles, the lady interviewed said her team had witnessed a crop circle under construction and had very special measurements blah blah blah.

She said she didn't have time to go into details during the short TV interview.... But that people could contact her if they wanted further information.

Rather interested I write to her asking for more information as suggested. I got a letter back saying if I wanted to know more I should buy her book. Lol....