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NBC reports people granted security clearance by Obama are being rejected under Trump for reasons that include pedophilia. This is consistent with the view that only people who can be controlled were given positions of authority under the previous administration.

I have long thought many government officials are being blackmailed because it would explain a lot about what has been going on in Washington.


Cernovich also says the media tried to hide the story on Susan Rice story because journalists are also compromised and the "deep state" wants to hide the fact that they are spying on everyone of importance who isn't already compromised. The Trump/Russia eavesdropping was an attempt to get information with which to either blackmail or to use as an excuse to deny security clearance to unblackmailable people. Cernovich says anyone who can't be blackmailed is denied a security clearance.

That would explain why there are so many leaks of classified information: only people who are compromised can get a security clearance.


JAN 24 2018
Report: Felons, people under foreign influence got national security clearances

WASHINGTON — A Defense Department report obtained by NBC News found that 165 defense contractors had their initial security clearances revoked last year after further investigation linked the recipients to problematic or illicit activity, including questionable financial transactions, influence by foreign governments and even felonies like pedophilia.
In one example, a person given interim secret clearance in 2015 was discovered in 2017 to have been found guilty of raping a child prior to applying for the clearance.
The FBI is responsible for reviewing the criminal history, financial records and foreign contacts of applicants for the White House, the Department of Defense and other agencies with employees that require clearance.

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Alex's questions at the end of the podcast:

What do you think we can do to increase the chances that intelligent people will be able to have real dialogues (about issues of concern to Skeptiko listeners?) and get past the polarising political situation we're currently in? Do you think that will happen, or do you think we are fundamentally stuck in a way that is not going to immediately fix itself?
Not sure how I missed this episode until just now. Going back through archives. What a twit. He has zero understanding of modern history shouldn’t be trusted to groom himself. We are stuck.