Mod+ Daryl Bem online experiment

I got the same result.

It would be interesting to know whether the words shown in the future are selected before or after I take the test.
Quoting from the blurb at the end of the experiment (my emphasis):

In this experiment you were shown pairs of words and asked to indicate which word in each pair you anticipated seeing again in the near future.

After you had completed that task, the computer randomly selected half of the words to be the "Future" words and you were given practice exercises on those words.
I scored 50. I seem to remember doing precisely this experiment before, some time ago. Though I don't think that affected the outcome particularly.

One other thought, as I was doing the test, I noticed that several of the words were distinctly U.S. usage, and at least one word has a completely different meaning in British usage. These sorts of thoughts, and others, for example where a bland word was juxtaposed with a more exotic one, had my mind occupied. If there was any sort of PSI signal, I doubt it would have stood much of a chance for me at least. I do think the overall concept is interesting, I've no idea whether it has merit, but I guess it is hard to test, extracting a signal from background noise could be difficult.
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The link for this experiment no longer works. Does anybody know what status this experiment is at? Is it ongoing and is this just a temporary technical glitch? Has Daryl Bem published any (even if only preliminary) results anywhere?