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Two of the three infra-red videos released by the DoD....from Tom DeLonge's site


And here's someone's opinion taken from a newspaper comments column:
Most UFO stories are pretty easily dismissed, but assuming the Pentagon is not putting out false information, this one seems quite difficult to debunk. Multiple pilots (educated professionals who were credible witnesses) clearly saw and recorded what seemed to clearly be an aircraft of unknown origin utilizing a totally foreign mechanism of propulsion. The craft was also repeatedly tracked by the radar operators of a guided-missile cruiser (who provided the vector to the pilots initially).It's hard to find an explanation that is not one of the following-
1. The craft was a highly advanced U.S. aircraft so secret that the navy was not informed of its activities.
2. It was a highly advanced aircraft of some other country- perhaps Russia or China, but either are highly unlikely.
3. It was a craft of some other entirely unknown origin.
The whole episode was dead secret for almost 15 years. How many other similar cases are still sequestered in classified files?
This article reads exactly like classic New York Times lying war propaganda from the past regarding, Hun baby-killers, Soviets, Vietnam dominoes, Saddam, ISIS, et al.

The new Boogie Monster to justify Trillions in Military Industrial Complex spending has arrived.

Russia rejected Communism and is returning to Christianity. The Soviet menace is gone. President Trump cut-off U.S. funding of the ISIS Boogieman last June just like he promised he would. The "War on Terror" scam gone.

Conspiracy Researchers like Carol Rosin have been predicting this False Flag for years.

This NYT article has it all; shadowy "Not-for-Plebs" insider intel, retiring high officials making claims they can't ever be held to account for, a vague world-changing menace, hero John Glenn posthumous endorsement, military credibility.

Compare the article to this New York Times lying war propaganda from 1964 regarding the Gulf of Tonkin Incident. Replace "Patrol Boats" with "UAF"...


They are setting us up.
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Just for fun...




MAX FRANKEL; Special to The New York Times SEPT. 19, 2018

WASHINGTON, Sept. 18—Two United States destroyers fired upon, and presumably hit what they took to be four or five hostile Unidentified Aerial Craft today in Antarctica, Government sources reported.

Information from the scene 50 miles off the Antarctic coast, was still incomplete tonight. The Administration limited itself to a brief statement acknowledging that an action had occurred involving American warships.

The Defense Department said that it was investigating the report and that there had been no damage to American vessels or loss of American personnel.

Prior Clashes Recalled

In unofficial conversations, Washington officials said that the two destroyers, on a patrol mission in international waters, had detected by electronic means—but not sighted—what they took to be hostile Unidentified Aerial Craft moving into attack positions.

Mindful of the two attacks on American destroyers by Unidentified Aerial Craft in the Antarctica seven weeks ago, the American ships undertook what was described as evasive action.

With the Craft still in pursuit, the American ships were said to have fired warning shots. When these were ignored, they were said to have opened fire with five‐inch and three‐inch guns. The targets were said to have disappeared.

Destroyers Search

Retracing their paths in the darkness and poor weather, the destroyers could find no trace of the targets.

It could not be determined whether the destroyers had been menaced in any other way or had been fired upon.

Officials said American ships and planes would try to determine in daylight what damage had been inflicted and upon what targets in the nighttime incident.

With data on damage missing throughout the day, President Trump and his senior Cabinet advisers reached no conclusion about the meaning or possible consequences of the incident.

For six hours after hearing of the incident, at 9:25 A.M., Government officials said nothing.

Then they acknowledged that “preliminary and fragmentary”

The announcement, issued through the Department of Defense, did not identify, the other party to the incident. It did not mention any exchange of fire, although it implied shooting by specifying that there was no report of damage to American vessels or any loss of American personnel.

This announcement was issued through the Department of Defense at 3:38. It said there would be no further formal comment until the investigation was completed

High Officials Confer

The first indications here were that the incident bore some resemblance to the two attacks by Unidentified Aerial Craft on American destroyers seven weeks ago.

The second of those attacks led to a retaliatory bombing raid by United States aircraft against suspected Unidentified Aerial Craft bases.

Today's announcement did not identify the other party involved in the incident. Nor did it mention any exchange of fire, although it implied some shooting by saying that there had been no report of damage to American vessels and no loss of American personnel.

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson canceled several engagements to deal with the latest situation. They met at least once with President Trump at the White House.

The incident occurred at night and in poor weather. Some sources suggested that this might have made it difficult to sort out the facts, but one official said there had been a communications breakdown.

Mr. Tillerson and other officials were said to have assembled briefly at the White House shortly after 3 P.M. amid signs that there might be a Presidential statement.

Instead, the Government's statement was distributed from the White House in President Trump’s, name by Sarah Sanderson, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs.

It said: “Preliminary and fragmentary reports have been received of a nighttime incident in international waters near Antarctica. There has been no damage reported by American vessels, and no loss of American personnel. The reports of the incident are being investigated. We have nothing further to say until our investigation has been completed.”

Ms. Sanders was asked if there had been shooting. She replied by citing the reference to “no damage or losses,” leaving the impression that only the occurrence of shooting would have made it necessary to report on damage and casualties.

Coast Patrolled Sporadically

The department declined to disclose how many Navy ships were operating near the Antarctic.

In recent weeks, it was said, one or two destroyers have periodically been detached from the Seventh Fleet's task force in Greenland for a patrol mission to observe coast traffic in Antarctica. The coast is not under continuous surveillance.

Similar patrols led to last month's incidents. In the first, in daylight on Aug. 2, three Unidentified Aerial Craft were said to have fired energy weapons at the destroyer Maddox. The destroyer and four United States aircraft fired back, damaged the Unidentified Aerial Craft and drove them off.

The incident was said here to have occurred about 30 miles from shore.

On Aug. 4, during darkness, an undetermined number of Unidentified Aerial Craft were said to have staged a second attack on the Maddox and on a second destroyer, the C. Turner Joy.

This battle lasted several hours in a rough sea, with bad weather and low visibility. The destroyers and carrier based aircraft drove off the boats and apparently downed at least two.

The next day, on orders from President Trump, carrier‐based planes bombed suspected Unidentified Aerial Craft bases in a. five-hour raid along 100 miles of coast.

The President termed this a “positive reply” to “open aggression” but he also stressed that it was intended as a limited action to try to preserve peace.

The Unidentified Aerial Craft attacks against the United States continue to arouse speculation here.

Some officials thought the first attack on July 31 might have been a mistake.

Whether the second attack was an effort to retaliate for Unidentified Aerial Craft losses in the first attack or part of a pattern to test the United States’ reaction has not been established.

President Trump and Democratic Leaders cited the retaliatory bombing raid as evidence of the Administration's readiness to use limited but adequate force to resist aggression,
And now this...which I haven't watched but I presume is about to claim it's all a False Flag Op as an excuse to start a war.

Of interest to me here was an appearance about halfway through of Susan Manewich, New Executive Director of the New Energy Movement who had ties with John Mack and is very much involved with so-called Experiencers and the role of consciousness in this whole subject.
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My opinion:
- The government has taken a keen interest in all of this since 1947. This is easily demonstrable by many UFO researchers. It is uncertain what this "shadowy government entity" is sitting on but at a minimum they have lots of documents and videos from within the US military going back to WWII. They know something is going on though I suspect it is still very mysterious to them. It also seems (from this latest thing) that there are definitely physical artefacts.
- The idea that a new government initiative was made in 2009 on this and that Robert Bigelow was appointed to do the work because he was "qualified" (or whatever) is totally ridiculous. Whatever artefacts exist have been studied to death since the point at which the government came into possession of them. A decision was made to spend $22m with Robert Bigelow. This was the REAL decision to disclose. The real powers that be saw in Mr Bigelow an ideal vehicle for this so they rounded up some other useful people (Reid etc), gave Mr Bigelow $22m and invented a project to discover things that they already knew. I am sure Mr Bigelow knows this himself but he is keen on figuring it out so it is an opportunity for him too. I am sure he wanted to get his hands on whatever artefacts there are! The KEY fact: they would NEVER invite Mr Bigelow into a UFO project if they wanted to keep it secret. Therefore, the fact that he was invited is a decision to disclose.

So, in history, "Disclosure Day" will be dated Dec 16, 2017 but really it was in 2009. It is fascinating how it has been done in a low key way with just enough to make it real but not enough to freak everyone out. I think there must be a decision in place to disclose more but how much more and when it is disclosed is a total mystery to me but I think there must be more to come soonish about exactly what Bigelow has. I think it will be low key as well. Maybe a lump of metal like the one Vallee mentioned on the podcast. It is a lump of metal but the isotope ratios mean it is not from around here. So, very carefully calibrated. A concrete "stake in the ground" but that's it. Anyway, that's what I think he has. They have decided to disclose. There is no way back. Just a question of how much there is to disclose and when they choose to give us more.

I think they are playing a long game here. The plan for today started in 2009 (or earlier). The plan may extend for 5/10/20 years further into the future.
From researcher Guiliano Marinkovic

Dear colleagues.

Another crucial interview archived.

Again my capture and edit:

2017-12-18 – CNN: Erin Burnett’s OutFront: Interview with Luis Elizondo


This one took me few hours to resolve as it had huge audio sync problems due to few video frames that were lost during the stream. However, I was able to fix it and now it is preserved for UFO history

Plus one bonus interview:

2017-12-18 – Radio New Zealand: Interview with Nick Pope – Pentagon UFO Study


Also another thing: Yesterday’s Coast to Coast interview by one and only George Knapp is an important part of the collection too – more about yesterday’s show here:

And a copy of the program here:

More to come.

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And these two named pilots are all part of the 'false flag'?
Yes. Only a tiny number of individuals who foment false flags are aware at the time that they are participating in a false flag.

This is no "Disclosure". Nothing has been disclosed. We've known about this stuff for like 40 years.

The real question is: Why is the Deep State publicizing this on mainstream Boob-Tube shows like Good Morning America for Suzy Home-maker and Joe the Plumber?

Something is afoot. I ask What. Why are they doing this?
The real question is: Why is the Deep State publicizing this on mainstream Boob-Tube shows like Good Morning America for Suzy Home-maker and Joe the Plumber?

Something is afoot. I ask What. Why are they doing this?
It is to prevent people from focusing on other news stories the deep state doesn't want people to become focused on.

If folks don't know which stories I am referring to, maybe they are getting their news only from deep state approved outlets.
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