Discuss the discontinuity of consciousness.

I have no data here about these cases.
Why do not we have experience with anesthetics, deep sleep or some non-nde when they die temporarily or when they are deficient in oxygen or epilepsy? Or about those who have no memory before birth. And this is often regarded as the argument against consciousness that exists after the body.
Does anyone have any thoughts on these cases?
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First of all, there are quite a number of NDE's that start while anaesthetised. Something goes wrong in the operating theatre......

Secondly, I have heard that when people wake up from an anaesthetic, they often have a period of delirium which they forget afterwards.


Taken together, perhaps people do have an NDE under an anaesthetic, but then forget it.

More generally, I think researchers should take more note of positive results (something happens) like NDE's, rather than negative results (something doesn't happen) in a slightly different situation. A lot of the confusion here may be down to whether people remember their experiences.

People dream every night but they don't always remember their dreams. Just because you don't remember a certain period of time doesn't mean your consciousness was suspended. There are drugs called amnesiacs which are given to patients undergoing operations which help to ensure they don't remember anything that happens during the surgery.
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