Do Thaï nde show a confabulation in all nde ?

First, I found the actual cases discussed in the article interesting. But at the same time, it's a relatively small number. I could find at least that many cases in support of a narrowly Christian viewpoint, but I wouldn't reach any conclusion on such a small number - many more cases place much less emphasis on any religion whatsoever, even in those experiencers who had a strong religious background at the time of the experience.

What I do find lacking in the Thai accounts - and perhaps one has to read between the lines - is any great sense of wonder or awe or overwhelming love, or indeed any other emotion. Perhaps that is part of the culture, it was alluded to slightly in one case, "as is the custom in Thailand, where not taking hospitality for granted can sometimes be an insult" - perhaps the emotional content is to be taken for granted too.

I wouldn't feel able to extrapolate from these few cases to conclude anything much. However I don't think they should be discarded either. I know that other researchers such as Dr Penny Sartori have commented on such differences in NDEs among different cultures. It would be interesting to hear what others think...
thanks for your answer. As far as I'm concerned, i believe that the "Bright Light" and what follows in NDE are Dream State.

Don't get me wrong, "dream state" doesn't mean it's unreal... At this point, these terms have no meanings.

Dream States means that it's the mind of the experiencer who builds the story.

It can also interacts with something else which is probably the Collective Unconscious of Jung.

It's the only way to cope with the diversity of these experiences and especially these strange "Thaï NDE...".or the Negative NDE.

I explain here under where i'm coming from :

One day, i was driving on the motorway and i fell asleep. Then, i had a strange thought, like a dream but stronger, more real than a dream. In this short Dream, I saw a strange little Guy who was telling to wake up and to go in the opposite direction with my car. He was even showing me the direction with his hands. Thanks to this "dream", i woke up just before a possible accident and i knew what I had to do and where to go. One second too late and it was a disaster.
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