Documentary about animal communicator Anna Breytenbach

Very interesting video about animal communicator Anna Breytenbach from South Africa. She is using telepathic connection with animals to obtain veridical information from them and to mediate between animals and humans.

Beautiful & sad, really thought provoking.
Some parts have been posted on the forum but I had not seen the whole thing, thanks for bringing it.
A fascinating and beautiful video production. It has to be said that most of the information Breytenbach apparently paranormally came through with could have been derived by telepathy from the mind of the videographer/producer, rather than from the animals themselves. This is especially the case with the baboons and the parrots in the first segment. This is the same problem as encountered with apparent mediumistic communication with the dead, where telepathy with the living sitter and other forms of esp are almost always a minimalist alternative hypothesis to explain the veridical data that comes through. However, there is still the case of the black leopard at the end of the video, where the behavior of the animal changed remarkably from angry and aggressive to relaxed and communicative. This is more persuasive to me that Breytenbach is actually communicating with the animal.
Whoops, video isn't available anymore :(
I've found this:

Which I guess refers to the last part, about the black leopard. Impressive.
Yes, ti was indeed removed from youtube do to copyright reasons. I wanted to watch it again after a few days. There are so many new insights for me in the movie that I did not digest it all yet.
I was looking around to see if there's a place where they sell it online, maybe in streaming... haven't found very much. It would be bad if it got lost in "hyperspace"...