Mod+ Dr Charles Tart interview on the 'experimental counter-culture'


The 'experimental counter-culture' - its a wonderful term that highlights the potential of digital collaboration for enhancing the avant-garde experimentalism that produced some of the most deep reaching science of the 20th century. In an interview with pioneering consciousness researcher Dr. Charles Tart, Greg Taylor, Founder of The Daily Grail, highlights how science can become a rigorous adventure into the unknown:

GT: Do you think that the revolutionary work undertaken by individuals and groups in the 1950's (such as the Round Table Foundation) had an influence on the rise of the experimental "counter-culture" of the 1960's and 70's...or were they simply parts of a larger trend in the way humans thought about themselves?

CT: No, I'm sorry to say that Puharich's research has been almost totally ignored by scientific parapsychologists at the time and since then. I fear this has been a big loss. Puharich had a lot of influence in more fringy, "New Agey" circles, but that has not resulted, to my knowledge, in any solid scientific discoveries. As to the counter-culture, that was created by a combination of existential discontent with a shallow, materialistic culture, plus a desire for actual spiritual experience, not just being told what to believe, plus the introduction of oriental meditation techniques - something you could actually *do* instead of just believe - plus psychedelic drugs, which showed many, many people that there were more profound experiences possible than consumerism - to vastly oversimplify a complex historical phenomena, of course.
The full interview can be read here:


Thanks for this - I think he makes some good points, and I especially like his recording of scientists' encounters with the Numinous.
The interview isn't a new one, but I think people need to be reminded that even scientists have spiritual experiences.

I think David Kaiser's book How the Hippies Saved Physics is another interesting look at a bit of history everyone seems to have forgotten. People don't realize that curiosity about spirituality helped to inspire new technology (ie. quantum encryption).