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    How about "sharing" instead of "stealing"?

    When you say stealing you are expressing a lack. You do not have enough of this item, be it food or love or security or whatever, so you do not offer it freely, rather you protect it with your life or liberty, requiring it be 'stolen' to be used. That which is of limited resource to me I cherish, therefor I do not give freely, therefor if you take it, you steal from me.

    I offer my words, thoughts, ideas on many public spaces for free and open usage. I do not offer the vegetables in my garden in this same way--if you take them you through my fence and under watch of my dogs, you are stealing.

    A 'better word' would be nonsensical to 'theRaven', b/c if you really value your own thoughts/opinions so much, you would use your real name.

    If I leave my Easter eggs out for anyone to gather, if they gather them, do I then accuse them of stealing?!
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    The day when John Dee’s attempts to enlist Archons to assist the British Empire failed…

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