Dr. Russell Targ on Speculating Financial Markets with "Remote Viewing"

I have it in my mind to use Remote Viewing to speculate in the crypto-currency market.

In this week's interview with Russell Targ by Howard Hughes on The Unexplained Podcast Dr. Targ talks more about this endeavor than in any previous interview I have heard.

Most of this interview is the history we've all heard about how he and Dr. Puthoff built the CIA program. The market specualtion stuff begins at about time-stamp 30:30...

Streaming: https://theunexplained.tv/episodes/edition-485-russell-targ

MP3: https://dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/cdn.theunexplained.tv/media/theunexplained-485-1601843200.mp3 (66 MB)

Do you guys have any tips, tricks, or caveats about doing this?

Have you tried it? Let's get rich! :)